Your Success Is Our Success!

At WP-Tonic, we believe our client’s success is our success. In this digital world of fast business and even faster technology, it’s hard to find a web-host that’s dedicated to the maintenance of your website.

Sure, a developer can make you a site, but for understandable reasons they can be busy with new clients, bigger projects, and keeping up with the latest tech. Your business success is not a top priority for most web hosts and developers.

Not us. We’re here for you and your business, taking care of your site with a dedication and passion you won’t find anywhere else.

We Do All Your Back-end WordPress Work For You

Imagine the feeling you’ll get logging into a fresh, up-to-date website every month, automatically integrated with the latest plugins and fully equipped with the best security and maintenance features on the market.

How would you feel having the peace of mind knowing that your data, your business is secure, backed-up, and hosted on an uncompromisingly fast server?

It’s not a dream, it’s what we live for. With WP-Tonic, you’re not just getting a bunch of monthly features and benefits, you’re getting a unique, personalized concierge service guiding your online presence to a brighter future. It’s an investment into the well-being of your brand.


The WP-Tonic’s Team

  • Kim Shivler

    Instructional Design Consultant & Project Manager
    Kim Shivler, M.Ed. is a communications strategist, business coach, trainer and instructional design consultant. For over 30 years, she has experienced success in a variety...
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  • Jonathan Denwood

    Founder & Owner of WP-Tonic
    I’m a WordPress Junkie based in Carson City, Northern Nevada. I’m the kind of guy who enjoys good old fashioned face to face communication wrapped within a very technological world.
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  • John Locke

    Lead Developer & SEO Expert
    Hi, I'm John. I help mid-sized businesses with custom WordPress theme development, SEO, and WooCommerce.
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