Adam Brown

Video Editor | Creative Strategist

Everyone loves a good story! In fact, it’s why we like watching movies…and yet, storytelling has been around for 1,000’s years. And so a healthy, growing business goes where the customers are: online! The most effective way to do this? Video (Marketing)! The caveat is very few really know how to tell a (good) story, or it’s unaffordable.

Your business is awesome, so let’s let the world (or your target audience) know! Adam brings over 2 decades of solid experience in video editing, sales, marketing + social media (including 9 years at a Fortune 100 co). Services: Video production (drones), brand awareness, websites, logo.. Adam is head of video production at WP-Tonic and is also the owner of Explore Marketing LLC. a digital agency based in Bend, Oregon.