Best LearnDash 3.0 Plugins, Addons, & Themes in 2019

August 17, 2019

Best LearnDash 3.0 Plugins, Addons, & Themes in 2019

LearnDash is one of the most popular WordPress learning management systems in the market. It’s incredibly user-friendly and supports dozens of integrations that enable you to build and manage your own online course site. Its extensive library of plugins, addons, and themes allow you to expand your e-learning website’s functionality.

In this article, we’ll share our handpicked selection of the best LearnDash 3.0 plugins, addons, and themes and discuss the key features on offer with each tool to help you find the right tools for your online learning website.

#1: Design Upgrade for LearnDash

LearnDash is one of the most popular WordPress learning management systems in the market

LearnDash makes it easy for online course instructors to create, manage, and sell online courses. However, it doesn’t pack a lot of design features out of the box to help you make your lessons engaging. Ideally, you want to offer students an enhanced learning experience and a professionally designed course adds to the overall experience.

Design Upgrade for LearnDash allows you to completely redo the design aspect of the LearnDash platform. For example, you can fine tune it to have your LearnDash pages match the rest of your website.

The plugin offers large clickable areas for all your course content, Focus Mode areas, and navigation. In addition to this, your font sizes will automatically inherit the font size of your existing WordPress theme.

Price: Free

#2: LearnDash Visual Customizer

LearnDash Visual Customizer lets you enhance and personalize your LearnDash courses and create a unique design layout for them. This allows you to differentiate your courses from the competition and deliver an enhanced learning experience to your students.

With the LearnDash Visual Composer plugin, you can change color schemes and play around with various layouts, templates, and features – including content type and estimated duration – to make your courses engaging and appealing to learners.

In addition to this, you’ll be able to choose from six bundled skins containing various styles and tones. It also lets you display course content in both a grid layout and a timeline mode.

You can choose to pair it up with LearnDash Notes for creating an on-site note taking system. This way you can increase engagement and retention. Similarly, LearnDash Private Sessions is another useful plugin that integrates seamlessly with LearnDash Visual Customizer. You can use it to offer one-on-one private coaching sessions to your students. This is a great way to add value to your offering and increase audience engagement.


  • Hobbiest version for $29
  • Professional version for $39
  • Unlimited version for $49
  • Notes & Customizer version for $49+

#3: Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit

Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit

The Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit allows LearnDash users to enhance the overall learning experience their site delivers by adding 14 different modules to their online course site. These include resume capabilities, login form, and login direct.

It comes translation-ready out of the box and supports multisite. Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit lets you replace the default WordPress login form with a simple, modern login form that can be added to any of your course pages. In addition to this, you’ll also be able to hide the WordPress admin bar for specific users.

This plugin lets you redirect students to a specific URL when they log in (or log out) of your course site. Plus, you can easily control the visibility of menu items based on whether a student is logged in or not.

Price: Free

#4: WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

Cart abandonment is a major reason why online businesses (including online courses and membership sites) miss out on valuable revenue. WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery enables you to effectively minimize cart abandonment and recover lost sales.

With this plugin, you’ll be able to eliminate abandoned carts by capturing the visitor’s email address on the checkout page. If a user doesn’t make a purchase within the first 15 minutes of reaching your site, it triggers a sequence of automated emails reminding them to return to the checkout page. These emails can also be used to solicit feedback or offer discounts to entice potential students to purchase your course.

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery lets you send unique checkout links to each customer redirecting them to the same page they bounced from. This way, they don’t have to find the page themselves and can quickly proceed to making the purchase.

Price: Free

#5: WP Fusion

WP Fusion

WP Fusion is a must have for LearnDash 3.0 that seamlessly integrates your course site with popular CRMs and marketing automation platforms.

By connecting your LMS with your CRM, you’ll be able to share data between both platforms. For example, you can use this sort of integration to use tags in your CRM which allow you to better manage access to your site’s course content.

This plugin also allows you to automatically track user behavior and audience engagement on your site and perform other automation tasks by using tags in your CRM. You’ll also be able to connect user data on your site to fields in your CRM. This way, whenever a user’s information is changed, their data will automatically be updated in your CRM.


  • Lite version for Free
  • Personal version for $247
  • Plus version for $347
  • Professional version for $540

#6: LoginPress


LoginPress is a powerful login management plugin that enables you to secure, rebrand, and personalize your login pages without having to write custom code. You’ll be able to customize your default WordPress login page using a number of design tools to make it stand out from the rest.

It lets you change the sizes, colors, and content of login logos, buttons, and backgrounds. In addition to this, you also get 20 different pre-built templates out of the box. LoginPress allows you to customize error messages and easily integrate Google reCaptcha and Google Fonts on your e-learning site. You can also choose to redirect site visitors to specific pages once they login to your online course site.


  • Single version for $39
  • Double version for $78

#7: TinCanny

: TinCanny

TinCanny helps you collect information about your audience which you can use to improve your courses and enhance your students’ learning experience.

This plugin lets you upload content you create using tools such as Articulate Storyline, H5P, and Adobe Captivate to LearnDash and consolidate user data from all across LearnDash into a single dashboard. As a result, you’ll have quick access to helpful insights about your audience.


  • Single Site for $179
  • Agency (5 sites) for $349

#8: Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator

Once your online course starts to take off, you’ll find it difficult to keep creating new courses, promote them, and grow your audience.


Uncanny Automator enables you to create automated workflows or ‘recipes’ that let you personalize your students’ learning experience. These include congratulating your students on completing a course or automatically enrolling them back into a revision course if they fail a quiz. This way, you’ll be able to increase your course completion rates and improve productivity while you focus solely on creating new courses and growing your business.

Uncanny Automator supports integration with a number of WordPress plugins including H5P, MemberPress, Easy Digital Downloads, and Caldera Forms.


  • Lite version for $49 per year
  • Pro version for $149 per year
  • Agency version for $249 per year

#9: Customer Specific Pricing

Customer Specific Pricing is WooCommerce plugin that enables you to leverage dynamic pricing. It also lets you offer discounts for courses based on categories and quantities.

You can use role-based discounts to increase memberships on your site. This plugin lets you create pricing tiers for customers who make bulk purchases. For instance, you can offer 2 courses at 12% off, 3 courses at 20% off, and 5 courses at 40% off.

It also makes it easy to manage the course pricing tab which lets you set prices for one (or more) students quickly. Plus, you’ll also be able to control the pricing display options and offer percentage discounts on the sale price.


  • WISDM Customer Specific Pricing for $79 per year
  • Sales Booster Pack for $99 per year

#10: eLumine


eLumine is a LearnDash theme that enables you to enhance the learning experience of your course site. Its modern layout design is aimed at a younger audience.

You’ll be able to modify the LearnDash quiz structure to optimize them for a more engaging learning experience. It also offers unique quiz layouts and supports integration with social networking plugins.

The theme is lightweight and SEO-ready which enables you to get the best performance for your online learning website. This theme comes with a mobile-friendly layout, easy integration with several LearnDash plugins, customized templates, and works seamlessly with all content types.


  • Gem version for $99 per year
  • Treasure chest version for $169 per year
  • Goldmine version for $289 per year


Depending on the type of online course site you’re running, you might choose to add some of the LearnDash 3.0 plugins, addons, and themes we shared in this article to your e-learning site’s tech stack. We covered the standout features on offer with each solution and, hopefully, you’re in a good position now to take the next steps.

Which LearnDash 3.0 plugins, addons, and themes are you thinking of adding to your online learning website? Let us know in the comments section below.

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