Are You Looking For The Best Elementor Training Websites & YouTube Channels in 2019?

July 14, 2019

The Best Elementor Training Websites & YouTube Channels in 2019

Elementor is an incredibly popular page builder for WordPress. It’s a freemium tool which means that it’s available both as a free plugin and a pro version with additional features. It’s a great tool for all sorts of users – regardless of their technical expertise. Newbies, developers, and WordPress enthusiasts can all use Elementor even if they’re not particularly tech literate.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best Elementor resources — training websites and YouTube channels – that teach users everything from how to get started with Elementor to using the advanced features and functionalities it offers.

Let’s get started!

Best Elementor Training Websites

Here are some of the most popular Elementor training websites that publish tutorials, news articles, and design inspiration:

#1: Elementor Blog

Elementor Blog is the official knowledge resource of Elementor that offers articles, news posts, tutorials, interviews, inspiration, and videos. Consider it the Elementor user manual! You’ll find information on everything you need to know about building and designing your own WordPress site.

The blog classifies the Elementor learning resources into sections aimed towards newbies, web designers, and web developers. These include New Features, Tutorials, Inspiration, Podcast, Case Studies. You’ll also get access to weekly masterclass articles by expert website professionals. Finally, the website has a high user engagement rate with readers regularly posting comments and interacting with the authors.

#2: WPCrafter

WPCrafter offers detailed video tutorials for both beginner and advanced level users. The video content is simple and easy to understand and covers topics like Using A WordPress Page Builder and The Top 12 Add-on Plugins Roundup.

In addition to the tutorials, this website also has Q&A style posts where Elementor users can ask questions and get answers from the author in the comments section. Readers are highly engaged with this site and ask lots of questions which in itself is an informative resource. Here are a few examples of questions people ask:

  • How to set an Elementor page as my homepage?
  • How to add script in Elementor?
  • Does a “Table of Contents” widget for Elementor exist?

#3: Elementor Resources

Elementor Resources is a comprehensive knowledge library for beginners as well as experienced users with the goal of helping readers improve their site design skills using Elementor and build on their web design expertise. It boasts a subscriber list of more than 6,200 readers who sign up to receive tutorials, templates, and examples delivered straight to their inbox.

This website offers 22 how-to guides and articles on Elementor with access to thousands of Elementor examples and templates. Plus, they also have lots of screenshots in their resources to visually guide you through the site building process.

#4: Do You Even Blog’s Step by Step Elementor Tutorial and Review Guide

Though this isn’t a complete Elementor resource, it’s an incredibly useful guide with in-depth tutorials aimed to help bloggers set up their own Elementor-based websites. It also offers basic information about the plugin like pricing plans and some of its most standout features.

Essentially, it’s a complete instructional guide that offers tutorials for both beginners and advanced Elementor users. It covers topics like an overview of the Elementor editor as well as expert web design ones like How to add “rows” in Elementor within seconds. It also has a comments section that answers readers’ questions.

#5: Elementor Resources | FOR and BY the community

Elementor Resources | FOR and BY the community

This is a public Trello board for the Elementor community that contains valuable Elementor related resources which are easily accessible to anyone – regardless of whether they’ve joined the board or not. All the tutorials, tools, and links to resources are organized in lists including:

  • Top voted: Themes for Elementor
  • Top voted: Plugins for Elementor
  • Top voted: Templates for Elementor
  • Plugins by need for Elementor users
  • Styling Tools & Free Resources
  • Top Plugins Tested with Elementor
  • WooCommerce

This helps Elementor users easily find exactly what they’re looking for. It also lets you vote for resources, learning material, and templates for Elementor through this board. This board is linked to many knowledge repositories like icon resources, color resources, and CSS resources. Plus, Elementor developers can expect to find many incredibly useful resources and guides here.

Best Elementor YouTube Channels

Here are some of the most popular YouTube channels that produce Elementor video tutorials:

#1: Elementor Page Builder for WordPress

If you’re looking to build an amazing WordPress website using Elementor, you might want to check out the Elementor Page Builder for WordPress channel on YouTube. This channel regularly publishes engaging tutorials on how to create websites using Elementor, including fixes. On average, two new videos are uploaded to this channel every week.

It also has a wide range of playlists to help you get started with Elementor regardless of your level of expertise. These include Elementor 101, Tips & Tricks, and Design with Elementor.


Total Number of Videos: 260

Subscribers: 86,647+

Total Views: 15,883,898+

Channel Started: May 25, 2016

#2: Ferdy Korpershoek

Ferdy Korpershoek

Ferdy posts videos about all topics related to WordPress and has a playlist called Elementer Pro Tutorials on his channel. This is a great resource for people who want to learn about building and improving their WordPress websites with Elementor Pro and watch tutorials about themes and plugins.

On average, new videos are published on this channel twice a week.

Total Number of Videos: 412

Subscribers: 88,131+

Total Views: 9,320,475+

Channel Started: Oct 15, 2014

#3: WordPress For Non-Techies

This channel produces videos on all sorts of WordPress topics and has a playlist called Elementor Pro Tutorials where viewers can learn to make their own website using the pro version of Elementor. WordPress For Non-Techies offers easy to follow tutorials ranging from setting up and maintaining your WordPress site to advanced content for helping WordPress developers use Elementor.

On average, you’ll find new videos uploaded on this channel about twice a week.

Total Number of Videos: 455

Subscribers: 118,065+

Total Views: 8,224,308+

Channel Started: May 27, 2014

#4: WPTuts

On WPTuts, you’ll find tutorials about everything WordPress in addition to playlists dedicated to Elementor videos namely Elementor Hello Theme for WordPress Tutorials and Elementor Visual Page Editor Tutorials.

The video tutorials explain how to build amazing WordPress sites – with the free and pro versions of Elementor – even if you’ve never created one before. New videos are published on this channel every Tuesday and Friday.


Total Number of Videos: 323

Subscribers: 51,159+

Total Views: 4,852,127+

Channel Started: Nov 11, 2014

#5: Darrel Wilson

Darrel Wilson started this YouTube channel to create tutorials about WordPress, web design, and SEO. There’s also a playlist dedicated to Elementor videos titled Elementor Page Builder Tutorial, while you might also find the playlists Best WordPress Themes and Plugins and How to Make a WordPress Website 2017 useful.

New videos are published twice a week, on average.

Total Number of Videos: 271

Subscribers: 140,637+

Total Views: 14,012,064+

Channel Started: Jan 21, 2016

#6: Bohdan Fishbein

According to Bohdan Fishbein, a UI/graphic designer, his channel is aimed at providing helpful Elementor tutorials. You can expect to find many useful WordPress and web design videos such as the Web Design – Speed Art 14 – Template in Elementor series.

You’ll find a new video on Bohdan’s channel once a month, on average.

Total Number of Videos: 18

Subscribers: 1,454+

Total Views: 47,810+

Channel Started: May 19, 2011

#7: Astra Elementor Users

This channel publishes video tutorials about the Elementor page builder and plugins to help users get the most out of their WordPress website.


Total Number of Videos: 3

Subscribers: 26

Total Views: 2,246

Channel Started: Feb 26, 2019

#8: Dave Foy—Design Build Web

Dave Foy launched his YouTube channel to teach people with no coding skills how to design responsive, custom built WordPress sites. Here you’ll find playlists related to website design and Elementor named WordPress and Elementor Page Builder.

Dave publishes a new video once a month, on average.

Total Number of Videos: 22

Subscribers: 11,507+

Total Views: 752,818+

Channel Started: Mar 7, 2017

#9: GoTechUG

Although this channel doesn’t have a lot of subscribers, the creator uploads useful WordPress website building tutorials. You can learn about Elementor by watching the Elementor Page Builder playlist. This channel is dedicated to all topics related to web design and WordPress beginner tutorials.

On average, new videos are posted on this channel three times a week.

Total Number of Videos: 68

Subscribers: 132+

Total Views: 4,924+

Channel Started: Apr 17, 2019

#10: ThemeIsle: WordPress Tutorials & Reviews

Themelsle publishes video tutorials on creating responsive websites aimed at viewers with both beginner and expert level experience with WordPress. It has a playlist dedicated to Elementor titled Elementor Page Builder For WordPress that contains 9 videos at the time of this writing.

New videos are uploaded to this channel twice a week, on average.

Total Number of Videos: 246

Subscribers: 15,575+

Total Views: 2,377,463+

Channel Started: Jan 20, 2016


We shared some of the most valuable resources on the web related to building and designing WordPress sites with Elementor. Hopefully, you’re in a good position now to take the next steps.

Do you use the Elementor page builder to create and design your WordPress websites? Let us know by commenting below!

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