We had two really great guest on the WP-Tonic Live show this month Brian Clark, CEO of CopyBlogger & Carrie Dils, host of the Officehours.FM podcast, one of the best resources on using the Genesis Framework.

Brian Clark is the CEO of Copyblogger Media which is the parent company of StudioPress and RainMaker and the WordPress hosting provider Synthesis. Brain discusses the future of StudioPress and RainMaker in this not to be missed great WP-Tonic Live show.

Our Special Guests on WP-Tonic Live Are

Brian Clark:

What can be said about Brian Clark he has become a bit of legend in the WordPress community. Brian Clark is a serial entrepreneur based in Boulder, Colorado. He’s the founder and CEO of Copyblogger Media, the company behind the Rainmaker Platform, StudioPress, and Synthesis. Brian has recently launched a curated email newsletter called Further, which provides research-backed tips for living your best life.

Brian began publishing online in 1998, and by 1999 he had his first entrepreneurial success — powered by what is now known as content marketing. He went on to launch two additional offline businesses using purely online marketing and infrastructure, attaining even greater success. Read More

Carrie Dils:

Is a freelance web developer and podcaster based in Fort Worth, TX and who loves her job. Since 1998 she been helping folks meet their business goals through their websites.

She uses a lot of web technologies over the years, but now focus 100% on Genesis development and theme customizations.

Great customer service is kinda my thing. Carie is great champion and example of what best in the WordPress community! Read More

Regular Panel


Sallie Goetsch from
Morten Rand-Hendriksen from
Brian Bourn from Bourn Creative
David Laietta from Orange Blossom Media
Adam Silver from KitchenSink podcast
John Locke from Lockedown SEO

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