Create LearnDash Courses With Elementor

June 26, 2023

Are you looking to customize your LearnDash courses? You will need a page builder like Elementor.

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress page builders that lets you fully customize your site using design elements. With recent updates, they have also introduced multiple LearnDash elements and templates that make it easy for educators to create highly engaging online courses within a few minutes. This also means you can focus more on creating high-quality content rather than worrying about creating an attractive-looking online course.

This article overview both platforms and see how they work together. We’ll also explain how you can create and customize LearnDash courses with Elementor in a few simple steps.

What is LearnDash?

LearnDash is one of WordPress’s most popular learning management systems (LMS). It’s designed to manage all aspects of your online course business.

What is LearnDash?

The robust platform offers a wide range of LMS features, making it easy for professionals or educators to create highly engaging online courses and training programs. You can create a theme using your own unique theme, so it’s easier to create online courses that resonate well with your brand’s unique aesthetics and colors. LearnDash also lets you arrange students into groups and sub-groups, which is a great way to offer collaborations and create a better learning experience.

The drag-and-drop course builder is very easy to use, even if this is your first time creating an online course. All you need to do is drag and drop lessons and other page elements into place or create a new online course by simply pasting a video playlist URL into the course creation wizard. You can use various media types, including images, videos, audio files, and even HTML5. The course creation process is simple and straightforward, so educators and professionals don’t have to worry about the technical side of things when creating online courses.



While LearnDash offers many features for educators and course creators, it also comes with a wide range of student engagement features that help boost learning performance and student productivity. The platform features a “Focus Mode” that lets your students remove all distractions from the online course display page. Removing clutter and “extra” content from the online course page reduces the chances of students clicking out of the online course or prematurely abandoning their learning journey.

Students can also access their accounts or all information about their subscribed online courses under one place, the profile dashboard. It makes it easier for learners to view their online courses, points earned, or quiz scores and see what they need to improve on.

In addition to all these features, LearnDash comes pre-built with eCommerce functionality so you can sell memberships and online courses. You can set up one-time course purchases, subscriptions, and membership plans for online courses created with LearnDash. The platform also integrates with WooCommerce and Stripe so that you can accept payments from subscribers or learners.

How does Elementor integrate with LearnDash?

Elementor is a dedicated WordPress page builder that lets you create highly professional and attractive WordPress pages within a few clicks.

From hundreds of pre-designed templates to an intuitive drag-and-drop page editor, Elementor offers all the tools you need to create beautiful-looking pages on your WordPress site in one place. It also takes the “No coding required” approach and is very user-friendly, even if this is your first time designing pages with the platform.

Elementor’s live page editor lets you create just about any kind of page on your WordPress site, including product pages, online course pages, form pages, legal pages, and contact us pages. You can customize every part of your page by dragging and dropping design elements into place. The wide range of pre-designed templates is fully customizable so that you can add your brand’s unique color and aesthetics to your WordPress pages created with the Elementor page builder.

Additionally, it also seamlessly integrates with most other plugins and services, including WooCommerce and LearnDash. This means you can create better-looking LearnDash online courses in WordPress using a responsive, drag-and-drop page builder. You also have many templates and widgets for customizing your online courses. This helps create a more engaging and interactive experience for your learners.

Using both platforms together is a great recipe for creating highly engaging, responsive, and attractive-looking online courses without touching a single line of code. Both platforms are designed with non-tech savvy users in mind, making it easier to integrate them into your existing tech stack.

Creating LearnDash courses with Elementor

Let’s closely examine the two main ways you can use LearnDash with Elementor to create professional-looking online courses within a few minutes.

Adding widgets

Thanks to the integration with LearnDash, Elementor lets you use dedicated LearnDash widgets to add various elements to your online courses. You can add shortcodes anywhere on your WordPress site to display various LearnDash elements, such as a lesson list or quiz list.

Let’s go over some of the LearnDash widgets and see how they work:

  • LearnDash Login. The LearnDash Login widget lets you display the login button anywhere on your page. This way, your students can log in to their LearnDash account directly from the online course page without having to navigate to another page and lose focus.
  • The Profile widget lets you display profile icons that users can click to navigate to their “My Account” page or their LearnDash account. It makes it easier for learners to navigate to different parts of your LearnDash site and improves the overall user experience.
  • Course List. Using the Course List widget, you can display specific courses in a list format anywhere on your pages. It can help create custom-looking online course display pages where learners can browse through and select the online courses they’re interested in.
  • Lesson List. The Lesson List widget is also useful for displaying a list of all the lessons a single online course contains. This way, learners can evaluate how many lessons they must catch up on before they’re ready for the final exam. In addition to this, a list of lessons also makes it easier for students to quickly get back to the lesson and pick up where they left off.
  • Topic List. With Elementor, you also get access to the Topic List This is an excellent tool for displaying all important topics your content covers in a list format and encourages more users to purchase online courses.
  • Quiz List. The Quiz List widget is designed to let you display multiple quizzes in a list format anywhere on the pages you create using Elementor.

Creating online courses using templates

While Elementor offers widgets you can add anywhere on your online course site, it also comes pre-built with many pre-designed templates designed explicitly for LearnDash course creators, allowing them to create online courses, quizzes, lessons, and topics.

Let’s take a closer look at what each template offers:

Course template

Course template

The Course template from Elementor is essentially your online course’s homepage or landing page. This is where you can display an overview of all the content available in your course, the pricing information, and the certification students will receive after they complete the online course.

Lesson template

Course template

The Lesson template lets you arrange your content into sections or as a complete lesson. Once you add content and create lessons, you can start adding them to your online course. With Elementor’s page-building capabilities, you can also fully customize how your content is displayed and personalize the colors according to your brand’s aesthetics.

Topic template

Topic template

Topics are usually used for covering content that needs to be explained more in-depth. It’s an excellent way for educators to offer detailed information about a specific topic and then test learners’ knowledge using topic quizzes. With the Topic template from the Elementor page builder, you can display topics containing information and showcase learner progress or completion progress bars to enhance learning productivity and increase course completion rates.

Quiz Template

Elementor also offers a Quiz template for LearnDash courses that lets you create multiple types of quizzes, including fill-in-the-blank, MCQs, short answers, matching questions, survey quizzes, and even essay quizzes. With Elementor, you can add a Quiz Infobar widget to your quiz pages to display breadcrumbs and progress bars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need to use Elementor to create LearnDash courses?

A: Elementor is a powerful and user-friendly page builder that allows you to easily design and customize the layout of your course pages and widgets. With Elementor, you have more control over your course pages’ design and functionality than the default Learndash templates.

Q: Do I need WordPress experience to use Elementor for my online course?

A: Yes, you should have basic knowledge of WordPress and have LearnDash installed on your site before using Elementor to create your course content.

Q: Do I need Elementor Pro to create LearnDash courses?

A: No, you can use the free version of Elementor or Elementor Pro to create your courses. However, features such as the Pro widgets and dynamic content, may require Elementor Pro.

Q: What are the advantages of using Elementor with LearnDash?

A: Using Elementor with LearnDash gives you more flexibility and control over the design and layout of your course content. You can easily create beautiful and dynamic LearnDash courses with advanced features such as animations, pop-ups, and quizzes.

Q: How do I install LearnDash?

A: You can install LearnDash by purchasing the plugin from the LearnDash website and installing it on your WordPress site. Once installed, you can activate the plugin and follow the setup wizard to configure your course settings.

Q: Can I use Elementor templates to create my LearnDash courses?

A: You can use Elementor templates to create your course pages and widgets. You can also create custom templates using the Elementor page builder.

Q: How do I create the course content using Elementor and LearnDash?

A: You can create the course content by using the LearnDash widgets and Elementor widgets to design and customize your course pages. You can also use the LearnDash shortcodes to display the course content on your pages.

Q: What is the LearnDash course grid?

A: The LearnDash course grid is a widget that displays the course content in a grid format, allowing users to navigate and access the course content easily.

Q: How do I create the lesson page and the breadcrumb, and the course status?

A: You can create the lesson page by using the LearnDash lesson widget and designing the page using Elementor. The breadcrumb and course status can be added using the LearnDash shortcodes.


Creating LearnDash courses with Elementor can help you create more attractive-looking online courses that are interactive and engaging for your learners.

With Elementor, you can use LearnDash widgets and pre-designed templates to create professional online courses within a few clicks. The templates and widgets are fully customizable and let you set up your online course pages according to your brands’ unique colors and aesthetics.

Do you know of any other ways to create more engaging and attractive online courses? What are your best tips? Let us know in the comments box below.

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