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I lead an amazing team of UX, UI, Web + Mobile Design professionals. Along with solving business problems for our clients, I manage all our product lines. I have the most fun in the loosely defined space between ideas and execution and have a gift for noticing patterns.

I am an active freelance evangelist and a founder of FreelanceCamp. Along with speaking at conferences (SXSW, Future of Work, eBay), I love to write and have published numerous articles (Mashable, CopyBlogger, A List Apart, Freelance Switch). Read More

Shane and our Normal Crew Discuss Three Great WordPress Topics

Discussion Topic One: WordCamp Orange County 2015

Presented by Jennifer Bourn of Bourn Creative:

“Selling a Million Dollars in Design”

In the session, Jennifer shared the mistakes she has made on web projects, lessons learned, and contract changes implemented. Jennifer gave a deeper understanding of the role design plays in business, and how to sell design, and how to navigate the sales process with clients.

Could the panel give some advice & insights to listens/views on their own processes and the lessons they have learned where it comes to handling commercial projects and clients?

Discussion Topic Two: Denver WordCamp 2015

Presented by David Hayes in Design / Development:

“JavaScript Enlightenment “

David’s journey toward JavaScript enlightenment went through the long path which touches jQuery, vanilla JavaScript, Backbone, and Ember. For each stage in that journey, David wanted to give a summary of what I understood of JavaScript in specific and programming in general, what I didn’t, and what specific value each tool offered.

It’s pretty obvious to me that in the next 12 months JavaScript and WordPress are gong to have a bit of romance. However, it is an area a lot of people in the WordPress community have some problems and frustrations with. Can the panel give some thoughts about what they see as the future integration of JavaScript with WordPress and can they also give general advice on the past techniques of working JavaScript with WordPress?

Discussion Topic Three: Miami WordCamp 2015

Presented by Nancy Richmond:

“Personal Branding: Stand Out From The Crowd Online”

Nancy shared strategies on how to best develop engaging content, how to effectively integrate social media into your personal branding strategy to develop stronger connections, to gather information, find opportunities and demonstrate your knowledge. I was going to ask the panel in a world of increasing global competition how does an individual or a small company build a brand in 2015?

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