Getting traffic to your site is great, but what happens once people arrive? This week, the group discusses conversion rates of site visitors to email subscribers and explores ways to improve conversions.

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Our episode this week is sponsored by INTELLIGENCEWP.Finally, an analytics plugin that provides valuable metrics and results that increase your leads.INTELLIGENCEWP.

It was a full house this week on the WP-Tonic Friday Roundtable with plenty of ideas shared for improving conversions.

Step one, of course, is to get the traffic to your site. Once they are there, to convert them to subscribers, the key is to create valuable content.

Tom explained education pieces of content and attraction pieces of content. Content has different roles some pieces are meant to attract like wikipages, and blog posts. White papers and other premium pieces of content are meant to educate, and can be delivered in exchange for an email address.

Put CTAs (Call to Action) on Blog posts pointing people to premium content. Have them sign up to receive premium content.

Have relevant testimonials. For example, if you are doing something about security, put case studies and testimonials about security on the site.

Creating a sales funnel in WordPress is easy. You don’t need ClickFunnels.

A sales funnel flows from the Top through the Middle to the Bottom.

Top – The top of the sales funnel consists of small lead magnets like a checklist or two minute video.

Middle – At the middle of the funnel, you’ve nurtured relationship. Now you offer something more like a free course or a premium podcast series

Bottom – The bottom of the funnel is a higher value, bigger piece like a live webinar. Note that some people might move right to the bottom.

Call to Action – people sometimes forget to ask – or even “Tell them to do it.” Click this, I promise you’ll like it.

Having analytics is more important than AB Testing. Know what’s working.

AB Testing good for landing pages to understand the right copy. When you start looking at the entire Attract > Engage > Convert chain more robust things with analytics helps. Track page attributes what topics, what tone did we take, what hooks did we use and see how they work across multiple posts.

Create profiles for your audience – who are they – and tag your content that way.

Check page attributes. See what hooks you used and see how it converts.

The biggest key is to get the tracking (data collection with Google Analytics) started. You don’t have to jump in and decide to become an expert. Just get it started and as you go you can grow. You need the data, so start collecting it now.

Tools for Sales Funnels, Conversions and Engagement Management
Zapier –
IfThisThenThat (IFTTT) –
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Our episode this week is sponsored by INTELLIGENCEWP.Finally, an analytics plugin that provides valuable metrics and results that increase your leads.INTELLIGENCEWP.


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