We Talk About WordPress Membership Websites

We Talk About WordPress Membership Websites With Special Guest Mike Morrison Joint Founder of Themembershipguys.com

Mike Morrison is one half of The Membership Guys, and along with his partner Callie Willows has spent years guiding the growth of memberships, e-learning businesses and online communities. Now they run the Member Site Academy, where they teach small business owners and entrepreneurs the skills and strategies they need to build and grow their own successful membership website.

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I made my first dollar online 17 years ago, and that was enough to hook me on not only figuring out how the tech gubbins of websites worked, but also how to marry that with marketing strategy to build an actual online business.

I’ve enjoyed a lengthy career, running my own agency and working with businesses of all shapes and sizes – including national brands such as McDonalds, ITV and Ancestry.com – as well as being at the forefront of growing a number of highly successful memberships.

As the host of our podcast, I’m a little fond of the sound of my own voice and I’m partial to the occasional opinionated rant, borne from a passion to help others navigate the murky waters of online marketing.

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