WordPress Online Marketing That Works  From Snapchat to Email Marketing

WordPress & Online Marketing & That Works in 2016-2

WordPress Online Marketing That Works in 2016

We start off our live show with discussing some great WordPress news stories and then we have the main topic of the show. In the second hour, we help out anybody looking for some help or advice connected to their WordPress website. We also do free reviews of your site and give you some tips and tricks connected to making it even more powerful as an online marketing tool.

We then have a great discussion to share with our tribe from our regular WordPress experts regarding our main topic this Saturday: “WordPress Online Marketing That Works In 2016!” We have a lively discussion about what will work and what doesn’t work in online marketing from Snapchat to Facebook Live Video to established marketing tools that are still very effective like Email marketing.

The panel points out some problems developing with Twitter and how the audience connected to Snapchat is growing fast. Also, we talk about how a lot of people don’t understand the amount of hard-work related to getting any real results from your online marketing.

You really should listen to the whole show. I think it is one of our best  Saturday live panel discussions. 

1- Why Daan Tol, new owner of WPLift, paid $205k for a WordPress blog

2 – Apply To Speak At WordCamp US 2016

3 – Why Some WordPress Plugins Leave Orphaned Tables in the Database

Here’s Our Panel of WordPress Experts For Our Great Round-Table Discussion:

Sallie Goetsch
Kim Shivler
Jackie D’Elia
John Locke
Jonathan Denwood

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