Featured Plugin:

WP-Migrate allows users to enter database information separate from the current site/blog database, and migrate the current information over. It enables you to select what (if any) information to move over, and/or update the URL throughout the database to a new domain while keeping the serialized meta information intact.

Bill’s Business Points:

  1. Never run out of money (cash flow)
  2. Stay Productive
  3. Things will take longer than you think
  4. Buy the best equipment you can within your budget.

Responsive Web Design:

Responsive Page Tester:  When viewing the front end of the site, a “Responsive” button is added to the WordPress Toolbar. Clicking that will toggle an overlay with your website presented in various sizes for easy responsive design testing. This can be useful both during theme development, and when writing content to verify it will be presented properly.

$2000 for Marketing Your New Business

Bill says spend it on your website and get it right. Understand that the newspaper will give you some short and limited log term returns. Banks will look at your website to see if you are a real business.

Jonathan, say that you need to use traditional media to get people to your site.


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