Episode 4 of WordPress Membership Plugins

In this episode Jonathan, gives his recommendation to me for New Media Gold’s membership plugin and it is Restrict Content Pro, a premium WordPress membership plugin.

Summary: which of these membership plugins is the best overall?

We have a difficult decision here. You have seven really good WordPress membership plugin solutions that will all do an excellent job for you.

However, if you have a gateway provider that you have or want to use, you need to be careful connected to what plugin you choose. If your gateway provider is not PayPal or Strip, you need to check and make sure that your membership plugin supports this provider. There are two on our list that provide the most flexibility connected to gateway choices:

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If you are building a membership website yourself and it will have a need for some detailed functionality for upselling/downselling or concurrent accounts, but you are not in need for a particular gateway provider, I would look at these three plugins:


Magic Members

iThemes Exchange/Membership

If you are looking to build a simple membership site yourself and cost is a consideration, I would look at these three.

Paid Membership Pro

Restrict Content Pro

iThemes Exchange/Membership

If you are looking for membership that integrates into eCommerce, I would look at these two:

iThemes Exchange/Membership:


Overall Winners

For a powerful membership plugin that has great general functionality and flexibility, you can’t really go wrong with iThemes Exchange/Membership. However it’s not cheap and you really will be committing yourself to the iThemes (i.e. you probably will get your theme and all the other additional micro plugins from them).

If you’re just looking for a cheap, well coded and supported, basic membership WordPress plugin, I don’t personally feel you can go wrong with Paid Membership Pro.

We Finally Know the Membership Plugin!

Restrict Content Pro is a complete membership and premium content manager plugin for WordPress. It creates an unlimited number of memberships levels, including free, trial and premium. We will be able to manage members and their subscriptions, track payments, offer discounts with a complete discount code system, and provide premium, members-only content to your subscribers.
Before Jonathan disclosed his choice we went over the following plugins:

WishList Members

Membership Press

Magic Members

Restrict Content Pro  New Media Gold choice by Jonathan.

Digital Access Pro


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