In This Episode We Going to Look At All Other Social Media Networks!

We are going to look at all the other social media networks, which are not quite so popular as Facebook or Twitter; however, these networks either have a large following at the present moment, or are growing at a quite impressive rate. We are going to look at what these networks are aimed at and what WordPress plugins are available to help you get the most from them.

I normally try and build an online relationship by encouraging leads to join me on multiple social media networks and also subscribe to my monthly newsletter. One of the main things I would advise anybody who is looking at a social media marketing or lead generation tool for their business is be realistic about how much time you or your staff really have to devote to social media outreach on a consistent basis.

Many people in the WordPress design/development community use Twitter as a method to talk to people in their close “tribe”; for example, a small group of people they have worked with or know from meetings at industry conferences or other WordPress networking activities.

However, I disagree with this limited approach. I use these social media networks as a tool to reach a much larger target audience in what I call a “layered social media strategy.” It is also ineffective to just see it as basically being the same as any other broadcasting activity as the traditional hardcore marketer might do. Some marketers feel that it has a lower ROI because it is either free or inexpensive compared to other traditional broadcast marketing activities like radio, direct mail or television. They really don’t understand how to transform their social media activities into a truly powerful communication and relationship building tool.

I’m going to look at some of the less well-known social media networks and show you how integrate them with your WordPress-powered website.

Google Plus








In 2014, LinkedIn reached 300 million registered users. LinkedIn is much more than a job finding social media network. Using this network effectively can be a bit confusing depending on how you integrate this network into your online marketing activities. Any business owner who is in the B-to-B service sector should be using LinkedIn and it is one of the most powerful professional lead generation tools that available. You will need to spend some time researching its use in order to accomplish anything real in business terms.

So here are some of the best WordPress plugins that work with LinkedIn:


This is a free WordPress plugin that gives you the ability to show various parts of your LinkedIn profile on your WordPress website.

Basic Facts:

Cost: Free
Active Installs 5000+
Rating 4.1
Last Updated 3-17-15

LinkedIn Profile Badge:

I used this plugin on quite a few websites and it does a really nice job of showing your LinkedIn profile badge. It’s a basic plugin and hasn’t been updated for over 2 years.

Cost: Free
Active Installs 1000 +
Last Updated 11-28-12 is a really interesting new plugin that pushes your WordPress content on different social media networks, including LinkedIn. I going to try it out soon because its features would really add value to a site. . It’s a paid solution but offers a one-month free trial period.

Cost: $5 to $15 per YEAR!
Active Installs 2000+
Last Updated: 9-1-15

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