Regular Panel


Sallie Goetsch from
Morten Rand-Hendriksen from
Brian Bourn from Bourn Creative
David Laietta from Orange Blossom Media
Adam Silver from KitchenSinkWP podcast
John Locke from Lockedown SEO

We got two great WordPress guest panelists this month!

Kim Doyal from the “The WordPress Chick podcast.” Kim is just amazing women and a good friend!

Dustin Hartzler from the “Your Website Engineer podcast.” Mr. WordPress himself and I’m personally really looking forward to him being part of our live show!

We going to be talked about this month’s latest WordPress news. Also our special WP-Tonic live topic of the month: “social media and WordPress” how has social media effected WordPress?

We see lot of people stopped running post sections on their WordPress powered websites. Is this because of social media website like Facebook and Twitter?

What is the right balance between what you post on social media and what you post on your website?

How can social media be used to promote an online or brick & mortar business?

General news topics

Plugins By The Numbers:

Is A WordPress Plugin a Startup?:

Why Did VersionPress Crowdfunding Campaign Fail:

Blind SQL Injection vulnerability was discovered in WordPress SEO by Yoast. What does the panel think about this?

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