Episode 50 Too Much WordPress Fun with Morten Rand-Hendriksen!

This show with Morten was long but so much fun for Jonathan and me. To our listeners, thanks for hanging in there with us! And to Jonathan, here is to another 50 more episodes!  V/r Bill

Here’s the the main points of our discussion with Morten:

1 – We discuss the semi religious war that has broken out over the past month in the WordPress community connected to the WordPress 4.3 beta and the customizer.

2 – What is wrong at the present moment in the way that WordPress.org is being run and why things have to change in the future if WordPress community is gong to continue to be able to grow and improve the user experience of using WordPress for now.

3 – REST API what is it, and why is it so important?

Morten gives what I feel is one of the most detailed but easy to understand explanations connected to what is the REST API and how this particular technology is going to really change what it means to be a WordPress developer over the next 18 months (this was a really interesting but technical discussion).

4 – The future of WordPress in general and its effects on the larger digital community.

5 – To end the show Bill and I talk about the highlights for us of the last 50th shows and what are our plans for hopefully the next 50th episodes.

Bill and I  would personally like to thank our guests who have agreed to come on our semi “crazy” show and also you have listened and watched our shows.  For our guest and listeners – Thank You  Thank You, Thank You for making it a great first 50 episodes!

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