WordPress Backup Services

1 – VaultPress

Publisher: Automattic

Version type: Paid Service

Price: $299 per year to $29 per month per website.

This is the full service price; they do offer a light version

Star Rating: 5 Stars

Pretty pricey for the full Security Bundle. Still, in the near future, this is the one I will go to for my SAS product, Mail-Right. It is just so easy to use and has a fantastic backend interface.

2 – CodeGuard

Publisher: CodeGuard

Version type: Paid Service

Price: From $5 – $239 per month

Star Rating: 5 Stars

I have used CodeGuard and it a great service. Their Ronin product offers the best value for money at $39 per month — much affordable than VaultPress. At this level you can back up 12 websites, and you get almost all the features of the higher-level products that CodeGuard offers. CodeGuard is based in the U.S.

3 – BlogVault

Publisher: BlogVault

Version type: Paid Service

Price: From $19 – $39 per month per website or Unlimited plans or Unlimited plans starting at $99 per month.

Star Rating: Stars?

I never heard of these people before I did some online research. I can’t say what their service is like and their pricing structures seem quite complicated. They are based in India.

Hybrid Backup Service

1 – ManageWP

Publisher: ManageWP

Version type: Paid Service

Price: From $2.40 – $4.80 per website per month.

Star Rating: 5 Stars

ManageWP is much more than a backup and restore service– it offers a host of additional benefits. It offers a pricing module that is based on how many websites you have managed by ManageWP. This system is worth considering if you are looking for a great backup and management system. ManageWP is based in Norfolk, VA, USA.

2 – CMS Commander


Publisher: ManageWP

Version type: Paid Service

Price: From $8.00 per month for 10 websites to $30 for 50 websites per month.

Star Rating: 5 Stars

CMS Commander looks like amazing value for money and if you have a lot of websites to maintain and backup– this is a service you should consider seriously.

My only concern is that they don’t make it that clear where they are based. I think because of the background of the key developer, they are probably are based in Germany.

Services that do all this for you!

All the plugins and services we have looked at so far you have to do all the backup and, if necessary, the recovery. However, there are WordPress companies that specialize in doing all this for you. Here a list of leading providers that I’m happy to recommend to our audience:

WP Site Care

Prices: from $29 per month to $239


Price $99.99 to $199.99 per month


Prices on request


You basically build your own custom price using WP-Butler pricing table


Price from $70 to $250 per month


From $49.99 to 89.99 per month


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