This post was triggered by a recent article written by Matt Medeiros of the Matt Report and one of his most recent podcasts where he talks about how to select the right premium WordPress theme for your project and also by another great piece written by Carrie Dils in March 2014.

I’ve been meaning to write up a quick article on this particular subject for quite a long time but I never got around to it. However, I just think it’s a great subject for this month’s WP-Tonic newsletter article. We also plan on using this subject for a couple of WP-Tonic’s audio shows this month.

I want to develop some of the areas that Matt touched on and give some more detailed advice to individuals who are looking at WordPress to provide a great starting platform to their existing or a possible new business.

One of the reasons why I liked Matt‘s recent article/podcast so much, was that he decided not only to deal with some of the benefits but also the problems a lot of new or less experienced users of WordPress have connected to selecting the right WordPress theme for their project. This is probably linked to that I call the “unicorn syndrome” which a lot of WordPress theme marketplaces and theme shops have developed over the past 4 to 5 years– that a $49.99 premium WordPress theme is going to solve all your online marketing problems. Unfortunately, the reality is this premium WordPress theme zone has really become the wild west of web-design and development.

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