If you are a WordPress professional, WordCamp Vegas was the place to be! I’ve just returned from a great weekend in Las Vegas with a great group of WordPress experts who just wanted to spend the weekend talking about their favorite subject WordPress. Here’s some of the highlight of the weekend for me personally. However, first I like to say that Russell Aaron and his team of WordPress volunteers did a amazing job over the weekend. Everything was well managed and the food was excellent.

WordCamp Vegas 2015: Saturday

The Keynote is always difficult to do but Ben Fox of Sidekick Platforms did an excellent job; it was a powerful speech that had some great core message!

The first presentation was also very interesting from Alex KingWhy You Don’t Need to Learn HTML or CSS.” He did a great job of explaining how he uses visual editors to help him develop client’s website really quickly and effectively without touching any code. I didn’t agree with everything Alex said. However, his presentation was well put together and the key argument he was trying to get across was interesting.

The second presentation which I really enjoyed was Kimberly ShivlerHow to Build Online Courses Using WordPress” This is a growing area on the internet and Kimberly gave some great recommendations and personal insights based on experience on how to set a successful course solution using WordPress.

The third presentation was on the top of my favorites list. It was by Devin Walker titled “If You Build It (Right), They Will Come – Creating truly valuable WordPress products and services.” Devin is a great WordPress developer and contributor to the WordPress community. His company “Give” is doing some amazing stuff connected to allowing non-profits to offer really easy options for supporters to give contributions online.

Also one of the other highlights of Saturday was Heather Wilde‘s presentation “The Plugins That Can Help Your Business Sink or Swim.” Heaver gave a great presentation on what plugins she uses on her own and client’s websites. Normally these type of presentations can be disappointing however Heather really did a great job with her presentation.

WordCamp Vegas 2015: Sunday

Chris Webb, Michael Cremean did a great presentation on Sunday on “WordPress Scaling and Security” This was a insightful presentation on security and how to increase general performance. Together they gave some excellent information on this subject.

Nathan Porter “Building Web Tools for Social Good” Nathan did an amazing job of explaining the planning and the online services and tools that he and his agency uses to get some amazing results for his nonprofit clients. I personally really learned some new stuff from this presentation.

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