We talk about WordCamp LA 2015 and what were some of favorite presentation during the two days of this great WordCamp
My First Modifications: Child Themes and Feature Plugins

Speaker Joe Chellman

In customizing WordPress, most people look first for a splendiferous and fancy theme. There are thousands of options, so we can usually find something that gets us 80-90% of the way there. But heavens to Betsy, that last 10-20% can be hard to find! Read More

Wrangle the WordPress Template Hierarchy Like a Boss – WordCamp LA 2015

Speaker Alicia St Rose

Did you ever wish you could go beyond what index.php, page.php and single.php have to offer. Have you ever wondered what taxonomy.php in your premium theme actually does? Have you ever had the need to target a blog category or a custom post type with a unique layout? Read More

How To Level Up As A Developer – WordCamp LA 2015

Speaker Roy Sivan

Becoming a developer is not easy. It isn’t much easier once you become one. You start by knowing very little to no code, and just as you feel confident about coding, you realize there are at least 2 languages you need to now learn. I’ve been there, and this talk is about some skills I’ve learned to help jump from that starting level, to the next. Tricks and things I’ve learned through over a decade of coding to help you in your developer journey. Read More

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