On this episode we join up with Podcasterhome and do both a Timeline and WordPress show. We’ll show you how to turn your WordPress powered website into a speed machine with our special guest Andy Adams of Certainlysoftware. Andy is very experience WordPress developer who now specializes in making your WordPress website a speed machine.

We look at a number of things that can and will slow down your WordPress website.

Here some key things that you will turn your WordPress speed machine in into a online snale.

1 – Bad hosting

2 – Plugins that are coded badly

3 – JQuery and offer JavaScript library calls that are still in the header instead in the footer

4 – Images that are not compressed

5 – Badly compressed CSS and JavaScript

More information from Andy Adams


I’m Andy, a WordPress performance expert who helps WordPress eCommerce businesses make more money by speeding up their site.

Unlike other speedup services, I do extensive, custom analysis of your WordPress hosting, plugins and themes, all with the goal of improving your eCommerce revenue.
You have a business to grow. I’ll help it grow faster.



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