WP-Tonic Live Roundtable

With Our Special Guest Vasken Hauri: Director of Strategic Engineering at 10Up

In this episode, we discuss WordPress and JavaScript. We take three of the best a WordCamp presentations on JavaScript, which are on WordPress TV, and then we discuss the presentations in great detail with Vasken Hauri, who is seen in the WordPress community as leading WordPress and JavaScript expert.

Kathryn Reeve: JavaScript Traps and How to Avoid Them

Jamal Jackson: WordPress JSON API and You!

Luc Princen: The Javascript Theme: Business In The Front, WordPress In The Back

Here Some Additional Information About Vasken

If you’re the kind of person who frequents WordCamps, jQuery conferences, or higher ed tech events, there’s a chance you may have already met me. If not, here’s a quick rundown of the diverse, wide-ranging, and somewhat eclectic set of skills I’ve honed over 12 years, and why I’m excited to bring them to 10up.

I’ve been working with WordPress since 2006, when I began using it for my personal blog. Since then, I’ve engineered WordPress to create everything from order fulfillment and tracking applications to APIs that withstand several hundred thousand hits per day. I’m proud to have been able to contribute some of the more generally useful pieces of this work back to the community, including several plugins hosted on the WordPress repository, changes to WordPress core, and assorted open-source Github projects.

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Our Regular Panel


Sallie Goetsch from SallieGoetsch.com

Morten Rand-Hendriksen from Lynda.com

Jonathan Perez from SureFire Web Services

David Laietta from Orange Blossom Media

John Locke from Lockedown SEO

Adam Silver from KitchenSinkWP podcast

Jonathan Denwood from WP-Tonic.com

Bill Conrad from Timelines of Success

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