We are going to be talking about the Genesis Framework all during December. Our first show in this series is the Genesis Framework for beginners.

Genesis is a starter theme for WordPress. This means you can build a child theme on top of this. This is similar to many other popular starter themes, like Underscores.

Based on this starter theme, a whole community has been built. The Genesis parent company StudioPress, has built a whole library of child themes based on this parent theme. There is also a ton of support for Genesis on their forums. However, much of the popularity of this framework comes from the third party community that has developed around this theme/framework.

A lot of the confusion that beginners have about the Genesis Framework stems from the thinking that the Genesis Framework is similar to the CSS frameworks Bootstrap and Foundation. In some way, this is understandable. There are a number of starter themes based on these two popular CSS frameworks. In fact, there is a lot of overlap with what Genesis does and what these CSS framework WordPress starter themes do.

Listen to the show where I try and clear up the confusion in the way that only WP-Tonic can!

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