WordPress Email Marketing Lists Building That Sells!

In this episode of WP-Tonic, WordPress Email Marketing That Really Sells, we start the month by looking at a number of online services that help you create powerful sales funnels with your WordPress website.

In the upcoming weeks we will be having a number of industry experts as guests on the show that will be helping us give you a clear road map on how to use these powerful tools and get some really powerful results that will directly benefit you and your business bottom line!

I’m dividing the services that we are going to be looking at into two subcategories:

1 – Marketing Automation & Page Builders

2 – Email Auto Responders

The main reason why I divided the services into these subcategories is that the majority of the marketing automation services that we will be discussing need you to set-up a separate email marketing service.

So what does “team automation marketing services” mean and what are some of the key questions you need to ask yourself connected to selecting the right service for your business needs?

WP-Tonic Extra:

A great marketing automation platform can do much to increase improve intelligence, efficiency, expand your reach, enable you to target real-time action, and most of all, create a key competitive advantage for your company in the crowded world of online marketing.

If you’ve been in business online for a while, you might have reached a critical point where your current separate online marketing systems leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Over this time you have built some great digital downloadable products and need to be able to break up your email lists better, or you’d like to automate different campaigns and track affiliate sales more efficiently.

However, one of the primary reasons why I see people turning to one of the hardcore automation marketing systems is that you reach the point where you have too many different digital systems semi-cobbled together and things are falling through the cracks.

The other reason people turn to these type of systems is when a business owner has built small teams that are directly helping  the business owner. It is easier to run a team when they only have to learn one system.

The other element you’ve got to think about is which of these systems integrates best with your WordPress powered website?

 I wouldn’t have too much of a problem recommending any of the systems we are going to be talking about on the show. However, no one system fits everyone, so you’ll have to do some basic research and try out the systems yourself.

Marketing Automation Products

Hellobar:  – Free 

Thrive Leads: – Starting at $19 per month 

Lead-Pages – Starting $29 per month

Unbound – Starting $49 per month 

Ontraport – Starting $79 per month

ClickFunnel – Starting at $97 per month

Infusionsoft – Starting $199 per month

Hubspot – Starting $200 per month

Email Auto Responders

Mailchimp – Free account 2000 contacts 12.000 emails per month

ActiveCampaign – 500 contacts 500 $9 for per month

AWeber –  500 contact per month $19 for per month

ConvertKit  –  3000 contact per month for $49 per month

Drip – 2.500 contact per month for $49 for per month

Campaign Monitor –  “Pay as you go,” or 500 per month for $9 per month



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