WordPress and local SEO

WordPress Local SEO

Why have we decided to talk about local SEO? Well, a lot of users of WordPress are small business owners who have physical stores or have a joint combination of brick and mortar¬†and e-commerce online presence and are using WordPress to build their company’s website.

However, for you the small business owner to get any real value from your WordPress powered website, it’s got to show up in Google local search. Unfortunately, I see so many small business owners making fundamental web marketing mistakes in optimizing their WordPress site for local SEO.

Local SEO has three powerful basic differences to national search engine optimization:

1 – Online Directories Portals:

2 – Online Review Portals:

3 – Google For Local Business:

WP-Tonic Extra

Online Directories Placement Services

Moz Local:
BrightLocal: (this is the service I use to use for clients I highly recommend them.)

Online Resources






WordPress Plugins That Will Help You With Local Search Set-up

Yoast SEO:

Sitemap XML:

Verify Google Webmaster Tools:

Yellow Pages Review:

Business Review Bundle:

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