We discuss with James White, CEO of IntouchCRM, on what it’s like to run a successful SaaS company in 2016. James and his team have spent the last 8+ years building one of the most popular small business CRMs in the UK.

We talk with James White, the CEO of InTouch CRM about how his company helps businesses make better use of their CRM solutions. James has a lot of insights on how to differentiate yourself from the competition, what it takes to makes sales, and the importance of email marketing.

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0:00 Intros
1:52 Why did James start a Software as a Service company in the first place?
4:20 What is the general advice James would give people starting a company or wanting to be an entrepreneur?
6:28 Dont concentrate on the technology – find your customer and focus on your marketing.
7:24 Planning is the most important step in launching a business
8:39 How the InTouch Growth Academy is helping businesses actually succeed with their CRM
9:43 “Software (by) itself doesn’t do anything.”
10:20 Customers need help getting started with your product
11:40 The value of a hybrid Saas and training service
12:57 The importance of listening to people who have succeeded in the same path that you are trying to walk down
14:45 Knowing who you can’t help is important for your business
15:18 If you are planning the problem you want to solve, and who you want to solve it for, most of your pain as a business owner will disappear
16:57 What are the most common web mistakes that the user base makes when marketing their business?
17:30 Unless you drive traffic to your site, there’s no point in having a website
18:15 You have to keep following up to close a sale. Most sales take place on the fifth to twelfth interaction.
19:41 Where did James get the idea for the Growth Academy? and what sort of difference has it made in onboarding, sales, and customer success?
22:49 How does automation make following up easier? And how does this affect your overall closing rate and sales?
24:35 “There will come a time where you have to pick up the phone.”
25:01 “Most people don’t schedule the right amount of time to do their sales activities.”
25:20 Making sure you have the discipline to do your sales activities every day.
26:06 If you don’t make time to pick up the phone, you won’t carry on in business for very long
26:49 “When you’re busiest, that’s when you need to step on the gas the hardest.”
27:13 Triggered emails and the advantages they have over traditional email blasts
27:38 Relevance gets rewarded
27:49 The analogy of the two pet owners (brilliant way to explain email marketing)
29:15 Triggered emails + relevance + information means you can talk directly to a specific customer
30:03 Using email sequences to take people on a journey through the sales funnel
30:30 Understanding leads to trust, which leads to closing sales
30:54 The importance of email segmenting
32:54 “If you’re too big for the small jobs, you’re too small for the big jobs.”
34:38 Outros and ending remarks

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