In this episode, we interview Carrie Forde, a quickly ascending front end developer/designer in the WordPress community. Carrie spent many years in technology prior to finding her current home in WordPress. Her current job is a a front end architect for WebDevStudios, a highly respected WordPress development agency.

Carrie is also very active with her own development projects. We cover her the Alcatraz framework for rapidly developing WordPress themes. What led to her building Alcatraz instead of relying on one of the established WordPress frameworks?

We also discuss style tiles. WordPress Style Tiles is a plugin that Carrie developed to help designers and consultants share styles with their clients.

Lastly, Carrie tells us what goes into refactoring CSS on large-scale websites, and shares her favorite resources for learning CSS, JavaScript, and front-end development.

This interview with Carrie Forde is a must listen for front end developers just getting started in the WordPress ecosystem.

PDF of links mentioned during Episode 149 with Carrie Forde. (Download)

More About Carrie Forde

carrie-fordeI am a front-end developer at WebDevStudios, and an atomic design advocate. I believe using the atomic design methodology in web development helps developers be more strategic about their development process, and deliver higher quality results.


Carrie’s Favorite Motivation or Business Books

Strengths Finder 2.0. A great book / assessment that helps people identify their talents, and ways in which they can utilize those talents in their professional and day-to-day lives.

Can You List 3 to 5 Life Success or Leadership Principles?

1) Spend time making a list of all your personal / professional goals. Having a list of things to work towards helps one prioritize their personal time. Plus, it feels amazing to cross those things off the list!

2) Avoid doing things that make you unhappy. (For me, that was freelancing).

The biggest successes come from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. I honestly didn’t think anyone at WDS would look at my resume, let alone interview me. But I’ve been happily employed there for almost six months!

3) Always be learning. The Internet offers unique opportunities for constant learning. Choose a focus, and learn all you can about the subject and share that knowledge with others.

4) Find your tribe. There is nothing like being able to geek out about things with a group of like-minded individuals.

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