We were really looking forward to this special Saturday show, “our 150th episode!” Our main topic: what are the best WordPress frameworks and starter themes for WordPress development?

We love for you to join us on this special WP-Tonic show we  have a great special guest Carrie Forde from WebDevStudios.

Thanks to all our listeners and viewers for helping WP-Tonic get to 150 episodes! We couldn’t have done it without you.

Our WordPress panel this week:

Carrie Forde: from CarrieForde.com and WebDev Studios

Kim Shivler: from White Glove Web Training

Sallie Goetsch: from WP Fangirl

Jonathan Denwood: from WP-Tonic.com

John Locke: from Lockedown SEO

WordPress News Stories and Discussion

1 – State of the Word Keynote from WordCamp 2016


2 – Pantheon’s $100K WordCamp US Sponsorship Revoked the Night Before the Event


3 – GoDaddy Acquires WP Curve: What This Means For Customers Of The WordPress Services Provider?



Talking Frameworks and Starter Themes for WordPress

We covered some of the major frameworks that seem to be discussed often, like Genesis by StudioPress. We also ask Carrie about the Alcatraz framework for WordPress she built, and what problems she was trying to solve with it.

The panel talked about the pros and cons of using a theme framework for development. Does it speed up development? What type of learning curve is there? How long does it take to build a theme framework from scratch?

We also look at some of the alternatives to popular theme frameworks, and discuss which ones we’ve seen in the wild.

Part of the main discussion centers on starter themes. Are there alternatives to Underscores? What types of starter themes have we used in the past?

Lastly, we touch on CSS frameworks and which ones we think are the best for WordPress development. We even have a few minutes left over for questions at the end.

We want to give a big shout out to the other regular panel members we’ve had on in 2016: Morten Rand-Hendriksen, Jackie D’Elia, Brian Lee Jackson, David Laietta, and Lee Jackson.

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