josh pollock

We have an insightful and enjoyable interview with Josh Pollock, the co-founder of Caldera Forms. We cover a lot of ground in this conversation, including how Josh got started in WordPress development.

Josh shares his philosophy on running a commercial WordPress plugin shop, and tells us the importance of product stories.

One thing we talk about is how Caldera Forms is different from the other forms plugins out there. Why did Josh decide on forms to focus on? And what target market is he aiming for?

We ask Josh’s advice for learning modern front-end development, JavaScript frameworks, and the REST API. Will Calypso be the future of the WordPress admin interface?

Lastly, we examine where WordPress is now, and the possible challenges it might face as it continues to grow. Is there a way to make WordPress more modular? What would have to happen before that could happen?

If you are a developer with thoughts of becoming an entrepreneur, you won’t want to miss this interview with Josh Pollock



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