161 WP-Tonic Round-Table Show Pricing Models For Web Design & Development Client Services
Following up our previous episode with a discussion on different types of pricing for web design and development services.

How do we price our projects? Hourly? Fixed fee? Project rate? Blended rate? Value based?

We also talk about some of the mistakes we’ve made in pricing website projects, and the #1 step we recommend to estimating web development projects more accurately.

Our WordPress panel this week:


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Lee Jackson: https://leejacksondev.com/
Jonathan Denwood: https://wp-tonic.com/
Sallie Goetsch: https://www.wpfangirl.com/
John Locke: https://www.lockedownseo.com/

Episode 161 Table of Contents
0:00 Podcast intros
3:24 WordPress News Story #1: Wix Removes GPL-Licensed WordPress Code from Mobile App, Forks Original MIT Library

10:59 WordPress New Story #2: How News Corp Australia made WordPress scale

18:29 WordPress New Story #3: What is the Discovery Phase and Why Do I Need It?

30:20 Main Topic: Pricing Models for Web Design and Development Services
30:29 What is your current pricing model and how did you come to this pricing model?
48:19 What needs to be in place to be able to sell value pricing.
53:18 For the panel, were there any points where the light bulb went on for you regarding pricing?
1:00:50 Was there ever a time where you didn’t get a job because your price was too low (or high)?
1:09:34 Podcast outros





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