31 -The Membership Machine Show: Best Podcast Hosting Platforms For 2023

June 5, 2023

Do you want to promote your membership website in 2023? Discover the best podcast hosting platforms available, and decide which one is right for you. This show will help you compare features such as storage space, number of simultaneous downloads, support services, and more. Learn how to take advantage of these tools to maximize the success of your membership website. Watch now and gain a competitive edge!

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The Show Main Links

#1 – BuzzSprout – https://www.buzzsprout.com/

BuzzSprout distributes podcasts to various podcast directories like Apple and Google.
It is beginner friendly. Uploading and editing of podcasts on this platform is easy.
You can host multiple shows with a single BuzzSprout account.
Great customer support.


The basic plan expires in ninety days
Not all features are included in the free plan.
Podcast website customization options are limited.

Prices – Free | $12 | $18 | $24

#2 – PodBean – https://www.podbean.com/


Podcast content can be easily shared from PodBean to different podcast directories.
It has different avenues for the monetization of podcasts.
Podcast episodes can be live-streamed in real time.
Podcast episodes from the platform can be added to iTunes and Google Play.
It enables podcasters to host video podcasts.


SEO capabilities are limited.
No backup features are available.

Prices – Free | $9 | $29. | $99

#3 – Castos – https://castos.com/


It provides episode transcription and podcast editing services.
Permits unlimited episode uploads and no download limits for listeners.
Podcasts can be managed from your WordPress website with the simple podcasting plugin.
Metadata can be added in different languages.


It does not have a free plan.
Unlike other podcast hosts, Castos is primarily built for WordPress sites.
You have to pay more to make video podcasts.

Prices – $19 | $49 | $99

#4 – Transistor – https://transistor.fm/


It supports multiple users. Other team members, like editors and producers, can access your page with their own login details.
Transistor has an import tool that enables you to transfer your podcast episodes to a new podcast host.
You can host unlimited shows. Episodes can be stored and uploaded to Apple, Google, and Spotify.


It is quite expensive. You need to pay more to be able to download more.
It has no free plan.
Transistor does not offer production services.

Prices – $19 | $49 | $99

#5 – Libsyn – https://libsyn.com/


Episodes can be shared with Apple, Google, and other podcast directories.
It has an easy RSS link generation, making uploading your content to a readable RSS feed easy.
Podcasters can adjust the settings of their podcasts to suit the platform they want to distribute the podcasts.
Libsyn gives you your own podcast website where you can upload blog posts, post podcast episodes, and post pictures and videos to accompany your podcast.


It has no free plan or free trial.
You will need a separate account to run multiple shows.
Advanced stats cost extra.

Prices $5 | $15 | $20 | $40

#6 – Spreaker – https://www.spreaker.com/


Spreaker is not just a podcast hosting provider; it also has its own podcast app and recording software.
New episodes can be prerecorded or live-streamed.
It offers free podcast hosting.
It has lots of audio storage that enables you to upload prerecorded audio files.
Spreaker RSS feed importer makes migration from other podcast hosting companies to Spreaker easy.


You need to pay more to access advanced podcast analytics.
Podcast monetization tools are not available to free podcast hosting users.
Poor customer support.

Prices – Free | $7 | $20 | $50

#7 – Captivate – https://www.captivate.fm/


Captivate gives you a podcast website with an embedded podcast player and three free WordPress templates.
Podcast episodes can be distributed to top podcast directories like Apple, Google, and Spotify.
Its RSS feed importer makes migration to Captivate easy.
It has an excellent podcast player with fantastic features like built-in Call-to Action, a Subscription button, and speed control.
WordPress integration is simple. Captivate has a simple podcasting WordPress plugin that enables you to publish all your episodes in the WordPress dashboard.


Captivate only supports Mp3 audio files.
It offers no free podcast hosting services.
The plans are a bit pricey.

Prices – $17 | $44 | $90

#8 – Blubrry – https://blubrry.com/


All Blubrry plans have unlimited bandwidth.
It has built-in media players and other key podcasting features like iTunes complete RSS feed, search engine optimization tools, and subscribe tools.
It has generous audio storage and does not charge overage if you exceed your limit of 25 percent.
Blubrry is certified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau and provides state-of-the-art analytics.


Integrating Blubrry into other platforms is complicated because it is optimized for WordPress.
The plans are expensive, especially if you want more storage space.
It is not a free podcast website and has no free plans.

Prices – $12 – $20 | $40 | $80

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