How Much Does it Cost to Start and Run a Membership Website?

Learn the ins and outs of running a membership website, including startup expenses and ongoing costs—budget wisely for sustainable success.

Want to understand the nitty-gritty details of financing a membership website? Look no further than our insightful video, where we explore startup expenses, recurring costs, and potential revenue streams associated with running an online members-only platform. Whether you’re considering launching your own site or seeking optimization tips for an existing one, this resource has something for everyone! Take charge of your financial planning—press play and gain invaluable insights today!

With Special Guest Co-Host Kurt von Ahnen of MananaNoMas

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The Show Main Topic And Links

#1 – Introduction

#2 – Cloud vs Self-hosted membership platforms#3 – Self Hosted

-a- Domain Name Purchase

-b- Website Hosting

-c– Content Management System (WordPress)

-d- Leading Website Builder Plugin

-e- Membership/LMS Plugin

-f- Payment Processor

-g- Email Marketing System

-h- Video/Media System

Best Cloud Providers

-a – Kajabi

-b- Simplero

-c- Podia

-d- Mighty Networks

DIY or Hiring a Professional/Agency to Build Your Website

Other Running Costs

-a- Paid advertising (i.e., Facebook Ads, Google Adwords)

-b- Hiring virtual assistants, video editors, and other team members

-c- Licensing or commissioning the creation of training material

-d- Additional plugins and systems for communicating with members, live support, etc

-e- Software for promoting your membership and creating sales assets (i.e., GoToWebinar, Leadpages, etc)


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