In this week’s show, we discuss Sam Altman and Open AI, Elon Musk X, and Sarah Gooding Leaves The WPTaven

We discuss Sarah Gooding’s departure from WPTavern and gain valuable perspective on her contributions to the WordPress community, plus the drama linked to Sam Altman and OpenAI, we delve into the world of artificial intelligence, innovation, and the future of technology as we explore their vision for a more innovative, more connected world.

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The Show Main Links

#1 – Sam Altman Firing and His Return to Open AI

– a – How OpenAI’s origins explain the Sam Altman drama

– b – Altman’s polarizing past hints at the OpenAI board’s reason for firing him

#2 – Sarah Gooding Leaves The WPTaven

Last Call


#3 – Elon Musk

– a – With an antisemitic tweet, Elon Musk reveals his ‘actual truth.’

– b – The Line by Scott Galloway

The Line


#4 – Elementor Pro Pricing Update Slashes Features in the Essential Plan for New Customers

Elementor Pro Pricing Update Slashes Features in the Essential Plan for New Customers

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