Every Friday at 8:30 am PST we host the WP-Tonic Round-table Show where we discuss the latest WordPress and the general web news of the week. You can also watch the show LIVE on our WP-Tonic’s Facebook Group Page.

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This Weeks Special Guest Panelist

Special Guest Panelist This Week is: Craig Hewitt Founder & CEO of Castos

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Castos: Castos

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Friday, November 12th, 2021 at 11 am PST

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This Week’s Articles That We Discuss During The Show

#1 – First Look at WordPress’ Upcoming Twenty Twenty-Two Default Theme: “The Most Flexible Default Theme Ever Created for WordPress”


#2 – Ive remembers Steve Jobs ten years on



#3 – Black Friday 2021 for WordPress businesses: what you need to know ( From MasterWP Weekly: https://masterwp.co/)


Black Friday 2021 for WordPress businesses: what you need to know



#4 – Forecast: Podcasting And Streaming Audio Are Among 2022’s Top Growth Media.



#5 – I started SaaS companies in 2013 and 2021. Here’s how things have changed ( From MasterWP Weekly: https://masterwp.co/ )




#6 – Facebook encourages hate speech for profit, says whistleblower


Panel Recommendations of the Week

Heather Renze; https://serenzeglobal.org/technology-education-grant-application/

Spencer Forman: https://uipress.co/

John Locke:https://thewpminute.com/become-a-wp-minute-producer/

Andrew Palmer: https://wordpress.org/plugins/visualcomposer/

Jonathan : Slim SEO: https://wpslimseo.com/about/

Our Regular Panel Members

Heather Renze Heather Wild
Sallie Goetsch wpfangirl.com
Stephannie Hudson https://focuswp.co
Andrew Palmer Andrew Palmer
John Locke LockedownSEO.com
Spencer Forman wplaunchify.com
Jonathan Denwood wp-tonic.com

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