Are you looking for the latest news on WordPress and Technology? Look no further in this week’s show; we will discuss what I’m calling SéGate, Sé Reed, and WPwatercooler problems with Matt Mullenweg and how is generally run at the preset moment.

Also, we will talk about Walter Isaacson and his latest official biography of Elon Musk. Join us in this podcast for a special roundtable show discussing the hottest stories from this month. Our panel of experts will break down each level and explain why it matters to WordPress developers. Get ready to learn about all the new releases and innovations – you don’t want to miss out. Tune in now and stay up-to-date with everything happening in WordPress and Technology!

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Show Stories and Links

We discuss ” SéGate” the future of the project. Are we all going bonkers in the world of WordPress or just walking down the “Yellow Brick Road” with Matt Mullenwegatt.1 – Developers Claim Damaged Trust Following Public Confrontations with WordPress Leadership & WPwatercooler EP464 – Fight for the Future

Developers Claim Damaged Trust Following Public Confrontations with WordPress Leadership

#2 – Apple Event – September 12

The biggest “yawnfest” in the history of Apple?

#3 – Community Team Invites Organizers to Apply for Hosting Next Generation WordPress Events

#4 – Elon Musk by Walter Isaacson Official Biography

————– The Panel ——————

This Month’s Special Guest Panelists

Tom Fanelli, CEO of Convesio & Katie Keith, Co-founder & CEO of Barn2plugins

Our Regular Monthly Panel

Heather Wilde Renze


Chris Badgett


Spencer Forman


Kurt von Ahnen



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