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In this show we have a small group of WordPress experts but we have a great discussion in this episode of our regular Friday 9am PST round-table show connected to images and how to prepare them linked to size or quality questions but also how to use images the right way when it comes to SEO.

I personally feel if you apart of the WordPress community its quite easy to forget that how to deal with images can seem really difficult  for somebody who is new to WordPress i.e. you feel that people sould be able to just upload them to the media library and use them!

However, in truth there a lot more you need to know and understand connected to effective using images with your new or updated WordPress powered website. I was really pleased that we managed to cover a lot of information in this show also if you want more info on how to use graphics with WordPress here an additional blog post I did what also gives you some additional advice on how to use images with WordPress, ” Graphic Design For Non-Graphic Designers in WordPress.”

This Week’s WordPress New Stories

1 – WPForms Acquires WP Mail SMTP Plugin

2 – Creating Better, Faster And More Optimized WordPress Websites


This Weeks Panel

Adam Preiser: from WPCrafter

Sallie Goetsch: special guest from WP Fangirl

Carolyn Outhwaite: from EngineHounds

Jonathan Denwood: from


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