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In This episode we have great guest Tonya Mork founder of Knowthecode which is one of the best online recourse for people who want to improve their WordPress coding abilities. Also Tonya has a great personal story which I’m sure that our audience will appreciate.

Also Tonya is running a couple of specialised BootCamps.

Profitable Developer Bootcamp

We also disucss with Tonya a recent interivew that was aired on This Week in Start Ups between Ryan Carson founder of Treehouse and Jason Calacanis connected to the general future of online coding training.

Here also is episode 179 that we thought you would be interested in from the guys from WPShout about their recent great new WordPress online coding training course.



More About Tonya

In the mid-1980s, I stepped into the engineering world. I rose quickly from technician to engineer to engineering manager. Together with my team, we built massive manufacturing systems for the world’s largest manufacturers. Our playground was filled with amazing technology from vision-guided robotics to predictive modeling systems.

Imagine a woman, non-degreed, and leading cross-functional technical teams in the 80s and 90s. It was possible because many people gave their time to mentor me. I am not self-taught, but rather a mentee and student of my peers and technology.

In 2002 I created a multi-million dollar engineering consultancy firm. Our clients hired us to resolve wonky problems, fine-tune their processes, and help them to improve and grow. In this period, I mastered the art of collaboration, problem solving, observation, testing, and communication. We were expected to walk in the door, quickly assess the essence of the problem, and then create a roadmap forward.

Then life threw me a curve ball, changing my trajectory, and shaping who I am today. It’s a unique, inspiring story, which you can read here https://heropress.com/essays/finding-your-purpose-in-life/.

For the past several years, I’ve focused on empowering web developers. I built a community. I actively teach developers to help them hone their craft.

What can I bring to your team?

I’m a visionary, charismatic, and purposeful leader who knows it’s not about me. It’s my job to share the vision, get the obstacles out of our way, and then empower us to innovate. Whether building a community, product, and/or team, my job is to serve our team and clients/users.


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