Donation Software That Help Nonprofits

October 2, 2022

Donation Software That Help Nonprofits

Looking for an easy way to track donors? Or are you looking to manage donations for your non-profit easily? You will need to use donation software on your site.

Donation software makes it easier for nonprofit organizations to receive online donations and raise funds to reach donation goals quicker. This way, you have to put in less manual effort and instead focus on promoting your fundraising campaigns effectively to receive more donations.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best donation software that helps nonprofits effectively run fundraising campaigns and successfully attract more donors.

#1. Donorbox

Donorbox is one of the most popular donation software that helps nonprofit organizations easily raise funds and reach their donation goals.

With more than 135 different currencies and over 10 languages supported, it makes the perfect solution for accepting donations from users all over the globe. You can accept payments using some of the most popular payment processors, such as ApplePay, GooglePay, and Venmo.

The standout feature of Donobox is the feature-rich built-in platform that helps you raise more funds and makes it easy to start and manage donation campaigns for your business. Donorbox features a built-in UltraSwift checkout that helps you capture the attention of more donors and looks much better than traditional donation forms. In addition, you can include a donation button anywhere you like and customize it according to your brand’s unique colors.

Pricing – Donorbox charges a 1.5% platform fee plus the standard payment processing fee that depends on the donor’s payment method.

#2. Fundly

Fundly is another big name in the donation software industry designed to help organizations and associations successfully and efficiently run fundraising campaigns.

Fundly comes pre-built with an event module that lets you create a fundraising event, create important event registration pages, and sell tickets. In addition to this, it lets you add your sponsors. This is the perfect solution for anyone that wants to use one platform to take care of all aspects of hosting a fundraising event for your nonprofit organization.

While Fundly lets you easily set up fundraising events, it also gives you a full overview of all donor data, see event attendance, and view supporter trends all from an intuitive dashboard. This makes it easier to keep track of your donors and stay on top of what’s happening with your fundraising campaigns.

Pricing – Fundly doesn’t charge a platform fee however the payment processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction will be applicable.

#3. OneCause

OneCause is a professional donation platform that helps boost engagement for your fundraising campaigns and effectively raises more funds.

OneCause offers an “online giving software” that essentially lets you engage donors with microsites that have embedded donation forms. The donation forms are fully customizable. This means you can create multiple donation levels and add custom form questions to create a unique experience for your donors.

On top of offering secure PCI-compliant payment processing, OneCause also comes pre-built with functionality that lets you create featured tributes and memorials on your micro-donation site. This makes it the perfect solution to create engaging fundraising campaigns for your nonprofit organization.

Pricing – You will have to request a custom pricing quote from the team at OneCause.

#4. CauseVox

CauseVox is all-in-one donation software that lets you create custom donation forms, set up peer-to-peer fundraising events, and handle all event ticketing and registration processes for your nonprofit organization.

CauseVox offers a simple yet effective way of making your donation forms much more attractive, so it helps grab the attention of more donors. You can also set up custom-looking fundraising pages such as campaign pages, personal pages, team pages, and a donation form page as a way to increase the number of donors and host successful fundraising events.

The best part about CauseVox is that it seamlessly integrates with other popular platforms your nonprofit might already be using, such as MailChimp, Salesforce, Constant Contact, and many more.

Pricing – With the Basic plan, you can get started with CauseVox for free.

#5. Double the Donation

Double the Donation

Double the Donation is unique donation software that helps you raise more funds by encouraging donors to make matching gift donations.

Most users who donate aren’t aware that their organization or corporation offers a donation matching program. With Double the Donation, you can let your donors select their organization when making donations, so your business receives “double” the donations. You can fill in the information gap by including a custom matching gift field, all without having to touch a single line of code.

The great thing about Double the Donation is that it also lets you send notifications to eligible donors and lets you create templates for donors who are matching gift eligible. This way, you can automatically send email notifications to all gift-matching eligible donors whenever you launch a new fundraising campaign.

Pricing – Double the Donation’s pricing starts at $799 per year for small nonprofits that are expected to receive $10,000 in annual matching gift revenue.

#6. Snowball Fundraising

Snowball Fundraising is robust donation software that offers all the tools you need to host successful fundraising campaigns for your nonprofit.

Snowball Fundraising offers an all-in-one solution to raise funds for your business and comes pre-built with important fundraising features and event ticketing tools. It is suitable for all types of nonprofit organizations and fundraisers. This means whether you’re hosting a fundraiser for schools and universities or for healthcare, Snowball Fundraising will do the job for you.

Other than being able to start accepting online donations from users quickly, you also have access to an exceptional customer support team. This makes it easier to quickly sort out issues or bugs during fundraising events, especially if you’re also responsible for handling other important tasks.

Pricing – You can get started with Snowball Fundraising for free except for paying the standard 2.9% + $0.30 fee per transaction.

#7. Funraise

Funraise is professional donation software designed to make fundraising more effortless for nonprofit organizations and associations.

Funraise lets you set up beautiful-looking custom donation websites that are easy to navigate and inviting for donors. You can display donation pop-ups on your site, so it’s easier for donors to fill out the form from anywhere on your site. As a result, you raise more funds using a single platform to host successful fundraising campaigns for your nonprofit.

Pricing – Funraise is free to use.

#8. Donately


Donately is powerful donation software that’s simple and gives you full control over the customizability of your fundraising campaigns.

Using Donately, you can create and run a full-fledged fundraising campaign for your nonprofit without having to write a single line of code. It makes it the perfect solution for business owners who aren’t very tech-savvy to run successful fundraising events and gather donations.

The great thing about Donately is that it takes security very seriously and offers PCI and data privacy compliance as a way to protect your donation website against cyber or malicious attacks.

Pricing – You can get started with Donately for free with the Startup plan, which includes a 4% platform fee per donation.

#9. Soapbox Engage

Soapbox Engage

Soapbox Engage is a unique donation software that lets you accept online donations and easily track all donor data for your nonprofit using a single tool.

The donation platform lets you create unlimited donation forms on your site so you can run multiple fundraising campaigns at a time. Additionally, Soapbox Engage offers many donor management features that make it easier for you to track donor data, list or sort donations, ask donors custom questions and get detailed transaction data to ensure you are on top of the fundraising process.

Pricing – You can get started with Soapbox Engage for $49 per month.

#10. GiveButter

GiveButter is another donation software worth mentioning because of its free-to-use, powerful fundraising platform.

The great thing about GiveButter is that it lets you start a new fundraising campaign for your nonprofit organization within a few minutes. This way, you don’t have to spend much time and effort starting a fundraising campaign, so you can focus on raising more money or reaching your fundraising goals quickly.

Pricing – GiveButter is free to use with the standard 2.9% + $0.30 transaction fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is donation software?

A: Donation software is a tool that helps nonprofits manage their donations, fundraising campaigns, and donor data in one unified database.

Q: How can donation software help my nonprofit?

A: Donation software can help your nonprofit streamline your donor management and fundraising efforts, set up recurring gifts, and keep track of your constituents’ giving history.

Q: What are some popular donation software solutions?

A: DonorPerfect, Bloomerang, Little Green Light, and Kindful are some of the most popular donation software solutions available today.

Q: What is a donor database?

A: A donor database is a tool that helps nonprofits keep track of their donor profiles and engagement efforts.

Q: What is cloud-based donation software?

A: Cloud-based donation software is software that is hosted on a cloud server, allowing nonprofits to access their data from anywhere with an internet connection.

Q: Can donation software be customized?

A: Yes, many donation software solutions offer customizable features to better fit your nonprofit’s specific needs.

Q: How can donation software help with online fundraising?

A: Donation software can help your nonprofit create and manage online fundraising campaigns, accept donations online, and keep track of your online donors.

Q: What is a constituent?

A: A constituent is an individual or organization that has a relationship with your nonprofit, such as a donor or volunteer.

Q: What is donor management?

A: Donor management is the process of building and maintaining relationships with your nonprofit’s donors through communication, engagement, and appreciation efforts.

Q: What metrics should I track with my donation software?

A: You should track metrics such as donor retention, fundraising campaign effectiveness, and constituent engagement efforts.


Donation software is designed to help nonprofit organizations and associations that are looking for an easy way to:

  • Receive online donations
  • Run fundraising campaigns
  • Host crowdfunding events
  • Create unique-looking donation forms
  • Set up a full-fledged, custom donation website for your brand

We covered some of the best donation software for nonprofits and highlighted their standout features. Hopefully, you’re in a good position now to take the next steps. We recommend using donation software that makes it easy to manage donors and donations and comes with donation forms and pages from the get-go.

Do you know of any other donation software that helps nonprofits raise funds? Let us know in the comments box below.

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