12 Types of Content To Include In Your Membership Site

April 18, 2021

After you’re done creating and building your membership site, you need to start thinking about the content strategies that you’ll implement on your website. The first step is to decide on the different types of content you’ll include in your membership site.

A solid content strategy ensures that your members will be fully engaged with your membership program. This improves member loyalty and retention on your membership website. Additionally, choosing the right content for your membership site can help you promote your website and attract new members.


In this article, we’ll take a look at some different types of content that you can include in your membership site. Along the way, we’ll also explain when you should use each type of content.

Different Types of Content To Include In Your Membership Site

Different Types of Content To Include In Your Membership Site

Before we take a closer look at the different types of content to include in your membership site, it’s important to decide what type of content would benefit members the most.

You can provide a variety of content on your membership site to make it interesting and engaging for all types of members. With different types of content, you will have to use different formats where needed. So, before you get started make sure that your membership plugin or learning management system (LMS) supports different content formats and file types.

Here are 12 different types of content that you can include in your membership site:

#1. Tutorials and How-To’s

Tutorials or how-tos are simple instructional guides or videos that help users learn something or solve a problem.

For instance, you can provide a guide on how to shoot better videos using an iPhone as part of your iPhone photography and videography membership program. Learners can refer to the guide whenever they need to use their iPhone to shoot videos.

Tutorials can be useful for showing your members how to do specific tasks. It’s a good idea to add lots of visual (such as screenshots, illustrations, and GIFs) in your tutorials and how-to guides. Alternatively, you can provide a screen share video as a guide for your members. This can help your members hone their skills and accomplish goals.

#2. Infographics

Infographics are used to showcase information or data in a visual graphic.

You can use infographics to represent information or make it easier for your members to absorb new information. For example, you can provide an infographic of a typical sales funnel for online retailers with a blog post that will add value to your article.

This will help your members absorb knowledge in a much easier way. Not only will you be able to increase engagement on your content but you’ll also help less experienced users learn quickly.

#3. PDFs

You can create PDFs to be used as downloadable content on your membership site. You can use PDFs to provide your members different downloadable resources such as worksheets and workbooks.

PDFs allow you to provide extra value to learners. By letting members download PDF guides and reports, you can create a better, more engaging learning experience. You can also use PDFs to provide members on your website with checklists and cheat sheets. 

#4. Quizzes


Quizzes are premade tests that you can provide to your members or students to test their skill and knowledge or to practice and hone their skills.

For instance, you can provide quizzes at the end of each webinar or live session to let your members test out what they learned.

Quizzes can also be useful for creating tests and assignments for members on your website. By providing additional tests and assignments to your members, you can improve the overall learning experience your membership program delivers. Quizzes can also be used to recap digital courses that you offer on your membership site.

#5. Reading lists

Reading lists are lists made up of books, articles, or blogs, all listed under the same place for easy access.

You can create a reading list with names of different books, e-books, or guides that can help your members broaden their knowledge base. Consider creating a list of articles or blogs that are relevant to your membership content. This can also help you provide additional value through your membership program.

#6. Quick tips

Quick tips are small reminders of information that are easily presented as text on a graphic or image. For example, after each lesson in your membership program, you can provide quick tips to your members. This can help them remember the information and understand the topic better.

Quick tips are easily shareable snippets of information that give a quick recap of an entire lesson. Other than being easily shareable on social media, quick tips are useful for providing information to members in small chunks.

#7. Webinars


Webinars are live or pre-recorded training sessions that make it easy for members to learn about new topics in an engaging way. They’re also perfect for teaching people how to use a tool or software.

Webinars are useful for holding Q&A sessions that can help clarify any confusion amongst your members and help them understand the material better. You can also hold live training courses on your membership site to help your members learn more and enhance their skillset.

#8. Podcasts

Podcasts are similar to radio shows and provide a great way to share information or educate your members on a topic in a non-formal way.

Podcasts are useful for when you need to discuss a specific topic with your members. For instance, you can host a podcast talking about the challenges your business faced during the global pandemic and how you overcame them. This not only promotes brand transparency by talking about topics related to your organization but also is a great way to deliver information in an easy and portable way.

#9. Product reviews

 Product reviews

Product reviews are usually detailed walkthroughs of a product. It’s what new users will look for when they decide to buy the product.

Product reviews help provide a walkthrough of the product or software. This can help spike interest in new users and motivate them to buy the product or service you’re reviewing. Product reviews are also perfect for unboxing videos or first looks at a new product or service.

#10. Case Studies

Case studies are like detailed testimonials for your product or service. It tells your members exactly what your product or service is like and how it helped your clients with their specific problems.

Case studies can be used to showcase how your product or service works and how it has created value in real-world scenarios. A testimonial of your quality of work helps motivate other new members to join your membership site. A direct quote from your clients can also help people see the value in your offering. This can increase brand awareness while also boosting engagement on your membership site.

#11. Whiteboard videos

Whiteboard videos are animated explainer videos that can help learners understand better through a visually engaging representation of information.

For example, you can use whiteboard videos to explain or educate your audience on social media platforms. You can use fun animations and graphics to help explain detailed topics in one-minute explainer videos. This can help you generate interest in topics and encourage people to check out the full membership program for in-depth information.

Whiteboard videos can help you educate members on concepts using visual content. The best part is that there are plenty of tools out there that can help you create whiteboard videos quickly. Since most people are visual learners anyway, providing them with visual learning content is a great way to make sure your members have the best learning experience on your membership site.

#12. Interviews

Interviewing someone who’s already a part of a big community or is a big name in the industry you’re operating in. It’s a great way to boost engagement and build brand trust.

For instance, you can set up an interview with one of your peers that have had experience with your product or service. This can help other members understand the value of your product or service better. Additionally, this can be a deciding factor for them to choose to buy from you.

Interviews are particularly useful for including popular names in your industry directly on your membership site. Interviews are also a way to showcase your client’s success with using your service. By providing use case scenarios of past clients, your members can relate to them better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the title of the topic?

A: The title of the topic is “12 Types Of Content To Include In Your Membership Site”.

Q: What does the term “content marketing” mean?

A: “Content marketing” refers to a strategic approach to creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract and engage a target audience, with the ultimate goal of driving profitable customer action.

Q: What are some examples of different types of content marketing?

A: Some examples of different types of content marketing include case studies, infographics, webinars, testimonials, written content, online courses, social media content, curated content, and user-generated content.

Q: How many types of content are included in the topic?

A: The topic covers 12 types of content that can be included in a membership site.

Q: What is the importance of creating a membership site?

A: Creating a membership site allows you to provide exclusive content and resources to your audience, build a community, generate recurring income, and establish yourself as an authority or expert in your niche.

Q: How can I create a membership site?

A: You can create a membership site using platforms like WordPress with the help of plugins and themes specifically designed for membership sites. You can also hire a developer or use online platforms that offer membership site templates.

Q: Is content marketing an effective form of marketing?

A: Yes, content marketing is widely regarded as an effective form of marketing as it allows businesses to connect with their target audience, build trust, establish thought leadership, and drive valuable customer actions.

Q: What are some content formats that can be included in a membership site?

A: Some content formats that can be included in a membership site include written content (such as articles and blog posts), video content, templates, online courses, webinars, and interactive content.

Q: How can I develop content ideas for my membership site?

A: You can develop content ideas for your membership site by understanding the needs and interests of your target audience, conducting market research, analyzing competitors, and listening to feedback from your members.

Q: Can I repurpose existing content for my membership site?

A: Repurposing existing content is a common practice in content marketing. You can repurpose blog posts, videos, podcasts, or other content assets to create exclusive content for your membership site.

Q: How can email marketing be integrated with a membership site?

A: Email marketing can be integrated with a membership site by using email automation tools to send newsletters, updates, and exclusive content to your members. You can also use email marketing to promote new membership offerings and engage with your audience.


Now that we’ve gone through many different types of content to include in your membership site and how it can benefit members, the rest is in your hands. You can use various content types such as quizzes, podcasts, infographics, and quick tips in your content strategy to maximize engagement and gain new members.

Do you know any other content types to include in your membership site? We’d love to hear from you so let us know in the comments section below.

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