Tips for Validating That Your Membership Site Idea Will Work

December 12, 2021

When you’re brainstorming ideas for your membership website, it can be hard to tell which ones are worth trying out and which ones should be scratched off the list. Ideally, you want to validate your membership site idea before actually putting in the time and effort to go through with it.

In this article, we’ll go over some great ways you can validate your membership site idea and ensure it will work.


Ways to validate your membership site idea will work

Let’s dive deeper into the different ways you can validate your membership idea before actually committing to it. This not only gives you a better sense of what to expect but also helps ensure it will be successful.

#1. Research your competitors

Research your competitors

Think about this: your competitors are using the same membership site idea you have. Are they successful in getting people to join their membership site? If yes, then so can you.

This is a great way to tell whether your idea will work and if people are willing to spend money on such content. You don’t want to put in your precious time and effort in creating content only to find out people can find the content for free somewhere else.

Researching your competitors is also a great way to take a detailed look at the products they are offering and get a better idea about what people want. Their audience can (and will potentially) be your audience so you need to think about what people are willing to pay for. You can research competitors to get a better idea of what people spend the most money on. This way, you can make your product unique while still providing the same value (or better) to people.

It’s also one of the most effective ways to identify “red flag” products or content to use for your membership site. You can tell whether a specific type of content has demanded or determine if the demand for a specific topic is slowly decreasing over time. You don’t want to create content only to find out people are no longer interested in the specific topic. This not only wastes your time but also can be hard on your budget as all the content you prepared for the membership site will go to waste.

#2. Engage with your audience

Engage with your audience

Knowing your target audience is important for the success of your membership site idea. It essentially tells you what kind of content you need to create to keep your audience engaged and ensure they renew their subscription month after month. Knowing what type of content your audience likes can help you create targeted content strategies. As a result, it can help boost engagement and increase new registrations on your membership site.

You need to consider what type of problems your audience faces and offer valuable solutions by creating premium, high-quality content. Most businesses fail because they don’t know what their audience wants. In fact, more than 30% of all startups fail as there is no demand in the market for their products or services.

A great way to engage with your audience is by asking them various questions to help understand their needs better and keep them engaged with your membership website. For instance, you can ask your audience about what they want to learn more about and create content based on their answers. You can also ask your audience how your brand can help them overcome their challenges so that you can help them succeed. This is particularly useful for membership sites that teach people how to do something.

#3. Create a blog

Create a blog

Creating a blog is also a great way to “test-drive” your content ideas before you start selling them to your targeted audience. You can see which content your audience is more interested to see by analyzing engagement on your blog posts. For instance, you can take a look at your most read blog posts and create content ideas similar to those blog posts. This ensures your audience will be interested in your content and in registering for your membership site. In addition to this, it’s also a great way to steer you away from bad content ideas that have low engagement.

Based on the engagement on your blog posts, you can fully commit to creating higher-quality, premium content for a topic that is more popular among your audience. As a result, you create a list of readers who may be interested in subscribing to your membership site for accessing this type of content regularly.

#4. Start your YouTube channel

Start your YouTube channel

If your membership idea involves video content, testing it out on a YouTube channel before you fully commit to the idea might be a great way to validate it. For instance, if you’re looking to create podcasts, you can test out the waters by publishing content on YouTube. This will help you analyze what type of content your audience is more interested in and the changes you need to make to improve your content.

It’s also a great way to try out different ideas before you start asking people for money for access to such content. You can invite VIP guests and influencers on your channel to see what type of guests your audience connects with and is interested in listening to. This gives you a better idea of what your audience is like and what kind of content they would be interested in for the future.

Additionally, starting your YouTube channel is also a great way to work out any bugs related to your video and audio recording equipment. It can be helpful when you’re ready to create content for your membership site.

#5. Offer an MVP

Offer an MVP

Offering a minimum viable product or an MVP is a great way to let testers and early members try out your products or content. They can be the guinea pigs of your test analysis to determine if your membership idea will work or not.

An MVP is a simplified version of your final product that offers some parts of the final version but that doesn’t mean it includes all the features. You don’t want to spill the beans and let users access all the final features or pieces of content.

It’s an effective way to learn more about your audience’s demands and get feedback about what needs to be improved. This way, you can create a more refined version of your product by making improvements and helping users solve problems. This helps enhance the customer’s experience by giving users an exclusive chance to try out the product before it’s released.

#6. Gather feedback

Gather feedback

One of the best ways to validate your membership site idea is by gathering feedback on your content ideas. This way, you will better understand what people expect from your brand and the type of content they’re looking forward to seeing.

It also gives you a quality level, which is the premium quality content you need to create to engage your target audience and offer them value for subscribing to your membership site.

A great way to gather feedback on your content plan is by sending out questions to your audience through emails. For instance, you could send out polls and surveys to everyone in your email list to gather crucial information about your audience. Additionally, using pop-up question ads for site visitors on your website is also a great way to gather important feedback. You might also consider creating a feedback form for members to provide feedback and share opinions and suggestions.

You can also ask your beta testers or people who recently tested your MVP to give you a better idea of what more people like them will have to say. It can help you enhance and cater to the user experience precisely according to your audiences’ likings and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the purpose of idea validation?

A: Idea validation is testing your idea to determine its viability and profitability before investing time and resources into further development. The goal is to ensure that there is a market and demand for your product or service.

Q: Why is it important to validate your business idea?

A: Validating your business idea is crucial because it helps you determine whether your product or service has the potential to be successful in the market. It allows you to identify any potential challenges or flaws in your idea early on, saving you time and resources.

Q: What are the steps to validate a product idea?

A: The steps to validate a product idea are: 1. Define your target audience and market. 2. Conduct market research to understand your target audience’s preferences and needs. 3. Create a minimum viable product (MVP) to test the concept and gather feedback. 4. Test your MVP with your target audience and gather feedback. 5. Analyze the feedback and make any necessary improvements or adjustments to your idea. 6. Repeat the testing and feedback process until you have a validated product idea.

Q: How can market research help validate your product idea?

A: Market research enables you to gain insights into your target market, understand their needs, preferences, and behaviors, and identify any existing competition. By conducting thorough market research, you can validate whether there is a demand for your product and determine if your idea is unique and different from what is already available.

Q: What is a minimum viable product (MVP), and why is it important?

A: A minimum viable product (MVP) is a simplified version of your product that contains only the essential features and functionalities. It is important because it allows you to test your idea quickly and cost-effectively, gather feedback from early adopters, and improve based on the feedback received. By creating an MVP, you can validate your product idea and ensure that it meets the needs of your target audience.

Q: How can I test my membership site idea?

A: To test your membership site idea, you can: 1. Create a landing page describing your membership site and its benefits. 2. Drive targeted traffic to your landing page through online marketing channels. 3. Set up a sign-up form or a waitlist to gauge interest and collect email addresses. 4. Send follow-up emails to potential members, gathering feedback and gauging their interest. 5. Consider offering a limited-time beta launch or discounted pricing to get early adopters. 6. Collect feedback and make any necessary adjustments before fully launching your membership site.

Q: How can I validate my product idea on a limited budget?

A: If you have a limited budget, you can validate your product idea by utilizing low-cost or free resources such as: 1. Conducting online surveys or interviews with your target audience. 2. Utilizing social media platforms to gather feedback and engage with potential customers. 3. Creating a landing page or a prototype to test the response before investing in total development. 4. Participating in industry forums or communities to get insights and feedback from experts and potential customers.

Q: What is the validation process for a new business idea?

A: The validation process for a new business idea typically includes: 1. Identifying and defining the problem your business idea aims to solve. 2. Conduct market research to identify your target audience and understand their needs. 3. Creating a value proposition that communicates the unique benefits of your business. 4. Testing your business idea through market surveys, interviews, or an MVP. 5. Analyzing the feedback and making adjustments or improvements based on the findings. 6. Repeat the testing and feedback until you have a validated business idea.

Q: How can I determine if my idea is worth pursuing?

A: To determine if your idea is worth pursuing, you can: 1. Conduct thorough market research to understand the demand and competition. 2. Validate your idea by gathering feedback from your target audience through surveys or interviews. 3. Assess the potential scalability and profitability of your idea. 4. Consider the resources and effort required to bring your idea to market. 5. Evaluate your own passion and commitment towards the idea.

Q: What is market validation, and why is it important?

A: Market validation tests your product or service to determine its fit, demand, and potential success. It involves gathering data and feedback from potential customers, competitors, and industry experts to validate your product’s market need and opportunity. Market validation is essential because it helps you assess whether there is a viable market for your product or service and whether your idea can generate revenue.

Q: How can I validate my product idea through market research?

A: To validate your product idea through market research, you can: 1. Conduct surveys or interviews with your target audience to understand their needs and preferences. 2. Analyze competitor products and identify gaps or opportunities in the market. 3. Utilize keyword research and search trends to gauge demand for your product concept. 4. Collect and analyze data on customer behavior and purchasing patterns in your target market. 5. Seek feedback from industry experts or mentors to gain insights and validation for your product idea.


The added pressure of creating all the content for your membership program can lead to doubt about whether your membership idea will work. You can use various ways to help validate it and ensure that it’s worth committing to in the long run for your business.

You can also review some of the most successful membership websites and take inspiration for creating yours.

To recap:

Ideally, you want to research your competitors and get to know your audience better before you start thinking about content ideas to create for your membership site. Then, you can try out or “test-drive” your content ideas using popular platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo or create a blog website. In addition, you can let some users try out your MVP product to gather crucial feedback that can help you enhance your membership site idea.

By following these tips, you’ll have an easier time validating your membership site idea and enhancing your membership offering.

Do you know other ways to validate that your membership site idea will work? Let us know in the comments box below.

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