HIPAA Healthcare WordPress Hosting

October 23, 2022

HIPAA Healthcare WordPress Hosting

If you’re looking to process personal medical records on your WordPress site, you will need to ensure HIPAA compliance.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (also known as HIPAA) is a federal law that requires you to make sure all sensitive health records and information is protected from unauthorized access.

Businesses that collect or have access to patient information and provide support in payment, treatment, or operations must be HIPAA-compliant. This means you will need a WordPress site that has HIPAA-compliant hosting if you want to process medical information on your site.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the top options for HIPAA-compliant WordPress hosting providers to help you make an informed decision.

7 best HIPAA-compliant WordPress hosting providers

Let’s dive deeper into some of the best HIPAA-compliant WordPress hosting providers and compare the key features each one offers and pricing information.

#1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is one of the leading hosting provider options for WordPress-powered sites and is trusted by over 21 million customers across the world.

With GoDaddy’s WordPress hosting solution, you get access to a wide range of robust security and performance features. For starters, the hosting provider offers 24-hour malware scans to make sure no hacker or unauthorized users get through to your WordPress site’s important data. This is great for automatically protecting user’s medical data on your WordPress site without having to install third-party plugins or using third-party services.

GoDaddy is also known for its high performance and reliable speed, and it comes pre-built with performance features such as load-balanced servers. This ensures your WordPress site is fully responsive and can handle traffic spikes. In addition to this, you also have access to integrated SEO tools that help you boost your site’s ranking in search engine results.

Hosting your healthcare WordPress site with GoDaddy also means all of your site’s data will be automatically backed up every day. This means you can simply go back and restore any file with a single click. GoDaddy keeps your site’s backup saved for 30 days on its servers.

Pricing – You can get started with GoDaddy’s Basic plan for $9.99 per month.

#2. Rackspace

Rackspace is a professional hosting provider designed to help you make your WordPress site fully secure and HIPAA compliant.

The robust solution offers extensive solutions for hosting your WordPress healthcare site and making sure it’s fully HIPAA compliant. With over 800 security certifications and 100+ cloud security certifications from top organizations such as Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS), it’s arguably one of the most secure solutions for WordPress medical websites.

You can create a fully secure and protected WordPress healthcare site with Rackspace without having to worry about the technical side of things. With always-on data monitoring features, the team of experts at Rackspace promises to ensure your brand’s WordPress site is protected from malicious attacks. This not only helps make your WordPress site HIPAA compliant but is a great way to instill trust in your site’s visitors.

Pricing – You can request a pricing quote from Rackspace directly from their website.

#3. Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is another popular name in the WordPress hosting industry known for its top-notch performance and security features.

Amazon Web Services offers a number of global certifications, such as HIPAA, GDPR, and HITRUST, that enable your business to securely process user data while abiding by all privacy laws. The great thing about Amazon Web Services is that it offers an intuitive and simplistic approach to hosting your business’s website. This ensures healthcare providers who are not very tech-savvy or businesses that operate in the medical industry can also make sure their WordPress healthcare website fully complies with all privacy laws.

Amazon Web Services offers a wide range of products, including public or private cloud storage, managed database services, and even the option to launch and run your own virtual server. This makes Amazon Web Services one of the best WordPress hosting solutions that comes pre-built with top-notch security features to help secure all user data on your WordPress site while ensuring the best performance for handling the data as well as site traffic.

Pricing – Since Amazon Web Services charges you based on the resources your business uses, you will have to request a custom pricing quote according to your unique requirements.

#4. OVHcloud


OVHcloud is a WordPress hosting platform that offers a simple yet powerful solution for HIPAA-compliant hosting. The company has data centers on the east and west coast of the United States.

OVHcloud comes pre-built with all the features you need to make sure your WordPress site securely processes all medical data of your customers or clients. This also means your business will abide by important privacy laws such as GDPR and HIPAA, depending on where your business is located geographically. The great thing about OVHcloud is that it also offers specific sectoral compliance to suit the unique needs of businesses that have specific regulations or laws that they need to comply with.

It’s the perfect solution for businesses that are looking for a more “hands-off” approach to making their WordPress healthcare site HIPAA compliant. This is because it lets you set up a full-fledged WordPress site in a few simple steps, even if you’re not very tech-savvy.

At the time of this writing, OVHcloud’s hosting services include dedicated servers, virtual private servers, hosted private cloud, and public cloud services.

Pricing – You can get started with OVHcloud’s dedicated servers for as low as $24.33 per month, depending on the server location.

#5. Atlantic.Net



Atlantic.Net is a popular name in the web hosting space. It offers a dedicated HIPAA Hosting solution for WordPress healthcare businesses.

With a dedicated hosting plan from Atlantic.Net, you can expect quick data processing while ensuring all user medical data on your site is fully secure. With advanced security features such as multi-factor authentication and a managed firewall, your WordPress healthcare site will be fully secure from malicious users. The best part is that Atlantic.Net monitors and tracks all network activity to ensure your WordPress healthcare website’s top-notch performance and speed around the clock.

In addition to this, you can also block specific IP addresses from entire countries or from specific locations based on your requirements. This is great for ensuring all user medical data is fully protected from malicious users, and you’re able to identify threats and take action accordingly.

Pricing – You can request a custom pricing quote from Atlantic.Net based on your requirements.

#6. WP-Tonic HIPAA Hosting

WP-Tonic HIPPA Hositng

WP-Tonic, as the name suggests, is a 100% HIPAA-compliant hosting solution for WordPress sites.

WP-Tonic promises to protect all protected health information (PHI) data on your WordPress healthcare site from unauthorized users. Some of the security features worth mentioning include real-time security monitoring and threat identification notifications, top-notch data centers to process data quickly and securely, and a whole team of experts ready to help you protect your WordPress healthcare website at all times.

Pricing – You can get started with WP-Tonic for as low as $199 per month, which includes unlimited support tasks.

#7. Liquid Web

Liquid Web

Liquid Web has 10 wholly owned core data centers globally and powers over 500,000 sites.

Other than automatic SSL certification included with the hosting plan, you also get access to a robust performance monitor plugin. This way, you can monitor the performance of your WordPress healthcare site while ensuring it abides by all user data protection laws.

With a fully managed WordPress healthcare website hosted by Liquid Web, you don’t have to worry about protecting sensitive medical data. In addition to this, you get access to a team of experts that are ready to help in case you run into any problems or security issues. Liquid Web also makes Business Associate Agreements (BAA) available to its customers.

Pricing – Liquid Web pricing starts at $13.30 per month for the Spark package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Hipaa Healthcare WordPress Hosting?

A: Hipaa Healthcare WordPress Hosting is a web hosting service that is compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations specifically designed for WordPress websites of healthcare providers or organizations. This hosting service is a fully managed hosting environment that helps healthcare providers in meeting HIPAA regulations when it comes to hosting their website and keeping electronic protected health information (ePHI) secure.

Q: What is a HIPAA-compliant hosting service?

A: A HIPAA-compliant hosting service is a web host that has ensured their web hosting services to meet the requirements of HIPAA regulations established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). HIPAA-compliant hosting services are designed to keep electronic protected health information secure and meet stringent HIPAA security requirements.

Q: What is the significance of HIPAA compliance?

A: HIPAA compliance is crucial for healthcare providers to safeguard electronic protected health information (ePHI) from unauthorized access, use, and disclosure. HIPAA regulations mandate that healthcare providers must protect patient data privacy and security through strict technical, physical, and administrative safeguards. HIPAA compliance ensures healthcare providers avoid hefty fines and data breaches that otherwise could lead to legal issues and loss of reputation.

Q: What is Hipaa-Compliant WordPress Hosting?

A: Hipaa-Compliant WordPress Hosting is a hosting service specifically designed to provide WordPress sites of healthcare providers with a secure hosting environment that meets HIPAA regulations. This hosting service ensures that healthcare providers’ websites are fully compliant, secure, and meets stringent HIPAA security requirements when hosting their website and managing the electronic protected health information (ePHI) data.

Q: What is the importance of choosing a HIPAA compliant web host for healthcare providers?

A: Healthcare providers need to choose a HIPAA compliant web host to avoid violating the rules and regulations enforced by HIPAA and to protect electronic protected health information. HIPAA-compliant web hosting companies offer a secure hosting environment that includes technical, administrative, and physical safeguards to keep patient data private and secure from malicious or unauthorized access or disclosure.

Q: What services come under HIPAA-compliant hosting?

A: HIPAA-compliant hosting services refer to web hosts that provide fully managed hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and colocation services that meet HIPAA regulations and ensure electronic protected health information security. The services offered by HIPAA compliant hosting companies include strict data encryption, backups, network and physical security, and regular audits to ensure full HIPAA compliance.

Q: What are the benefits of a HIPAA compliant hosting provider?

A: The benefits of choosing a HIPAA-compliant hosting provider are numerous, including the assurance that your website and electronic protected health information are safe, secure, and meet HIPAA regulations. HIPAA-compliant hosting providers ensure that healthcare providers avoid common cyber threats such as data theft, hacking, and ransomware attacks. They offer robust network security, solid backups, disaster recovery services, and data encryption to safeguard ePHI and keep healthcare providers’ reputation intact.

Q: What are the requirements for a HIPAA-compliant web host?

A: HIPAA-compliant web hosts must comply with HIPAA regulations that dictate the technical, physical, and administrative safeguards healthcare providers may use to protect ePHI data. The requirements for a HIPAA-compliant hosting provider include strict access control, audit control, integrity control, transmission security, and authentication controls, among others. Additionally, the hosting company must sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) that ensures mutual HIPAA compliance and clarifies each organization’s roles and responsibilities for HIPAA compliance.

Q: What is the difference between normal web hosting and HIPAA-compliant hosting?

A: Normal web hosting and HIPAA-compliant hosting differ in the security measures applied to the servers and its users. Normal web hosting is less secure than HIPAA-compliant hosting because it does not meet the same stringent security requirements imposed by HIPAA regulations. HIPAA-compliant hosting goes through continuous audits that ensure all security measures are in place and meet HIPAA requirements.

Q: What are the best HIPAA-compliant hosting services offered today?

A: Some of the best HIPAA-compliant hosting services offered in the industry today include Cloudways, Liquid Web, DigitalOcean, Atlantic.net, and Amazon Web Services. These hosting companies provide excellent hosting services for WordPress websites, network and physical security, backups, fully managed hosting, and professional support that meets HIPAA regulations, keeping electronic protected health information secure.


If your WordPress site deals with user health information or protected health information, it’s important to ensure 100% HIPAA compliance so you don’t run into legal complications. This is why you need to consider hosting your WordPress healthcare site with a hosting provider that supports HIPAA and HITRUST compliance.

Many popular hosting providers, such as GoDaddy and AWS, offer HIPAA compliance with all their hosting plans. But if you’re looking for a dedicated HIPAA WordPress hosting provider, then solutions such as WP-Tonic and Liquid Web are worth exploring.

Using HIPAA-compliant hosting is the first step. Once that’s done, you should also perform a complete security scan of your website to check for vulnerabilities. It’s also important to ensure your website (and the theme and plugins you use on it) are always updated.

If you’re looking for a more hands-off option, check out our HIPAA healthcare WordPress hosting solution that’s designed for hospitals, private mental healthcare practices, dental practices, and more.

Do you know of any other HIPAA-compliant hosting providers for WordPress sites? Let us know in the comments box below.

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