Free and Premium BuddyPress Plugins to Build a Community Site

October 30, 2022

Free and Premium BuddyPress

Looking to build an engaging community site with BuddyPress?

With so many BuddyPress plugins available, creating an engaging community site that resonates well with your brand’s message has never been easier. However, it also means you have to choose the right plugins, so you don’t end up wasting time and money.

In this post, we’ll go over some of the top free and premium BuddyPress plugins that let you build an awesome, engaging community site.

Let’s get started.

#1. LearnDash


LearnDash is one of the most popular learning platforms that also lets you build an online community in WordPress.

It offers an all-in-one solution for businesses to sell their online courses, enhance the learning experience for their students, and create a vibrant online community that aligns with your brand’s message. The feature-rich solution also seamlessly integrates with BuddyPress to let your audience interact with members in your online community. This way, you can let your online course participants auto-join community groups and interact with other users that have the same interests as them.

Pricing – $199 per year for a single site license.

#2. Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro is a professional plugin that lets business owners easily create and manage a full-fledged membership site.

The plugin handles all of your payment collection tasks and lets you set up advanced content delivery strategies, such as drip-feeding content. You can use it with some of the most popular payment gateways, such as Stripe, PayPal, and 2Checkout, to let members make payments. In addition to being able to set up an online community with BuddyPress easily, the plugin seamlessly integrates with popular plugins such as Mailchimp, Zapier, and WooCommerce.

Pricing – Core features and 30 add-ons are free to use.

#3. MemberPress

MemberPress is a robust membership plugin that offers an intuitive way to create an online community. It also offers functionality that lets you sell online courses and membership subscriptions.

The built-in community creation feature makes it easy for businesses to create a “central” place for their customers to hang out and interact with each other. MemberPress also offers frictionless integration with BuddyPress that lets you create custom-looking online communities or forums according to your unique requirements.

Pricing – $179.50 per year for a single site license.

#4. Youzify


Youzify is a BuddyPress plugin designed to help you build an engaging community and create member profiles on your BuddyPress site.

The robust plugin offers a similar solution to Facebook that lets your members create profile pages, publish posts on other members’ profiles, add comments to posts, and join groups that they’re interested in. Youzify gives you complete control over how your online community site looks and feels, thanks to over 700 different templates for creating profile pages and custom headers that match your brand’s aesthetic.

Pricing – $62 per year for a single site license.

#5. GamiPress

GamiPress is a well-known WordPress plugin that offers the ultimate solution to gamify your brand’s site.

While the plugin is designed to help you award your audience and add gamification features to your site, it also integrates with BuddyPress. This means you can use some of the robust gamification features to keep your online community members engaged and motivated. The plugin lets you award your members in three ways, including points, giving them ranks, and awarding achievements.

Pricing – Free to use.

#6. WooBuddy


WooBuddy is a simple WordPress plugin that makes it possible to integrate your BuddyPress community with your online store powered by WooCommerce.

This is a great option for businesses that have an online store and want their customers to interact with their brand even after they are done shopping. The plugin lets you sync important customer data with BuddyPress, such as purchase history, product downloads, and review history. As a result, it gives you a better idea of who your customers are and is a great way to overview each user’s engagement level on your brand’s site.

Pricing – WooBuddy is free to use.

#7. BuddyPress Docs

BuddyPress Docs

BuddyPress Docs is a great WordPress plugin that lets you integrate document uploading to your BuddyPress community or groups.

This means you and your community members can upload documents directly to online community threads and forums created with BuddyPress. In addition to this, you have full control over privacy options, so you decide who gets to see which documents. The best part is that you can also assign documents directly to groups or users of your online community.

Pricing – You can download BuddyPress Docs for free.

#8. BuddyBoss Media

BuddyBoss Media

BuddyBoss Media is a BuddyPress plugin that lets you add media-uploading capabilities to your online community site.

Using the robust plugin, you can let your community members upload photos to their BuddyPress profile accounts or directly to groups. Users can also upload multiple images into albums, so it’s easier to publish multiple photos on your online community site. The best part is that it even works seamlessly on mobile devices as well as tablets so your members aren’t restricted in any way.

Pricing – $39 per year for a single site license.

#9. BuddyDrive


BuddyDrive offers a simple yet effective solution for easily letting your BuddyPress community members upload and share files.

BuddyDrive is designed to help businesses offer an intuitive way for members to share content on their community groups or forums. Users can upload files in a variety of ways, including private uploads, password-protected uploads, uploads accessible by specific members only, and public uploads that anyone can access.

Pricing – Free to download and use on your BuddyPress community site.

#10. BP Profile Search

BP Profile Search

BP Profile Search is an intuitive plugin that lets you set up member search and member directories on your BuddyPress community site.

You can display a custom search form and let members search for specific content within your community groups or forums. This makes your online community site easy to navigate and helps members find what they need, even if they’re not very tech-savvy.

Pricing – BP Profile Search is free to download and use.

#11. BuddyPress Group Email Subscription

BuddyPress Group Email Subscription

BuddyPress Group Email Subscription is a useful BuddyPress plugin that lets you send out group or forum activity notifications to your audience.

You can let users choose email subscription options so they can decide how frequently they want to receive group activity notifications in their email inboxes. This way, you can keep all relevant users in a BuddyPress group notified about what’s going on without them having to visit your community site.

Pricing – BuddyPress Group Email Subscription is free to use.

#12. BuddyPress Multilingual

BuddyPress Multilingual, as the name suggests, is a plugin that’s sole purpose is to make your BuddyPress community site multilingual.

The plugin offers an easy way to add a “language switcher” to your BuddyPress community site. This way, users can select the language relevant to them when viewing user profiles or forum discussions. It’s the perfect solution for businesses that want to cater to all types of users despite their location geographically.

Pricing – BuddyPress Multilingual is free to use.

#13. BuddyPress Featured Members

BuddyPress Featured Members

BuddyPress Featured Members offers an all-in-one solution for displaying the top-rated members of your online community in custom-designed lists.

The plugin adds the option to “feature” specific members on your BuddyPress community site. You can create a list of members and display it anywhere on your WordPress site using shortcodes or widgets. This not only helps create a sense of exclusivity but is a great way to enhance brand loyalty for your business.

Pricing – BuddyPress Featured Members is free to use.

#14. BuddyPress Profanity

BuddyPress Profanity

BuddyPress Profanity is a BuddyPress plugin that’s designed to help make your community site more secure and safe from inappropriate content.

The plugin offers an easy way to quickly censor bad words from your community groups or discussions in real time. You can create a custom list of prohibited terms, so your online community site is safe from unwanted or unethical content. The best part is that you can even use the profanity filter for private messages to create a clean environment everywhere on your BuddyPress community site.

Pricing – $29 per year for a single site license.

#15. BuddyPress Analytics

BuddyPress Analytics

BuddyPress Analytics is a simple yet useful plugin for BuddyPress that makes it easy to track all user data on your community site.

You can track important data such as user search results and user activity such as page visits, a list of inactive users, and even the time each user spends on your community site. This helps your business create more effective marketing strategies based on real-time data.

Pricing – One-time payment of $69. The lite version is free to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are BuddyPress plugins?

A: Buddypress plugins are add-ons that can be installed on WordPress websites to extend the functionality of Buddypress and help build a community site.

Q: Can I use BuddyPress plugins on any WordPress website?

A: Yes, BuddyPress plugins can be used on any WordPress website with BuddyPress installed.

Q: What is the difference between free and premium BuddyPress plugins?

A: Free Buddypress plugins are available for download at no cost, while premium BuddyPress plugins require a payment for access to additional features or support.

Q: What is the best BuddyPress plugin to build a community website?

A: The best BuddyPress plugins for building a community website depend on the specific features and functionality you need. Some popular options include BuddyPress Community Stats, BuddyPress Global Search, and Verified Member for BuddyPress.

Q: Are there any community plugins for WordPress that are compatible with BuddyPress?

A: Yes, there are several community plugins for WordPress that are compatible with BuddyPress, such as PeepSo and WP Symposium Pro.

Q: Can I create a social community with BuddyPress plugins?

A: Yes, BuddyPress plugins provide a range of social community features, such as user profiles, activity streams, and private messaging.

Q: What are some of the best WordPress community plugins?

A: Some of the best WordPress community plugins include BuddyPress, PeepSo, WP Symposium Pro, and Ultimate Member.

Q: Do I need a specific WordPress theme to use BuddyPress plugins?

A: No, you can use BuddyPress plugins with any compatible WordPress website and theme.

Q: Are there free versions of BuddyPress plugins?

A: Yes, many BuddyPress plugins offer a free version with limited features or functionality.

Q: Can I add premium add-ons to free BuddyPress plugins?

A: Some free BuddyPress plugins may offer premium add-ons for additional functionality, while others may require upgrading to a premium version to access premium features and addons.


With so many BuddyPress plugins available to choose from, deciding on the right ones can be a challenge, especially if this is your first time. Ideally, you want to consider your brand’s budget and goals when deciding on BuddyPress plugins for building a community website.

For instance, if you want to add extra functionality to your community site, you can use useful BuddyPress plugins like BuddyPress Docs, BuddyBoss Media, and BuddyDrive. Similarly, if you want to add gamification to your online community site, you can use the GamiPress plugin.

Do you know of any other free and premium BuddyPress plugins to build a community site? Let us know in the comments box below.

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