Best In Class Onboarding & Support Experience

We provide an excellent initial onboarding experience which sets the tone for the ongoing support that we pride ourselves in providing to our customers.

Building a successful membership site is a difficult process and we are going, to be honest with you about that. There are a lot of different balls in the air that you have to deal with, from pre-marketing to building out your membership website to creating great content for your clients.

Support & Onboarding

We should be telling you how easy it is shouldn’t we, however, unlike other platforms out there, we know that building a real successful online membership and educational business takes time and effort. We have done all of the legwork to bring together the most effective components to build that successful business and we provide great support to make the building out of your WordPress-powered membership website as easy as possible.

We spend a lot of time onboarding and supporting our clients. When you sign up with one of our hosting or support packages you will be asked to fill in our initial onboarding form and then we will contact you directly to set up a one-to-one Zoom onboarding interview. This interview normally lasts from 30 minutes to an hour, and we will use it to assess what you are trying to achieve with your membership website and what initial functionality you will need from our platform.

After this initial call, we will have a clear idea of what will be the best set-up we can offer you and what is most suitable for you. We offer a lot of different options with our platform and many of them will be unnecessary for you if this is your first build-out on our platform. We want to save you from wasting an enormous amount of time and money trying out things that you really don’t initially need.

Once we have settled on the best support setup for you, we get to work! We are always available to you through our ticketing support system and if you have a particular question or need some more support, we will answer you as quickly as possible. We also provide written or recorded video answers to your questions and we have an increasing library of training videos and links to external training resources which we have vetted for our customers.


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