Your Free Guide to Choosing the Best Healthcare LMS Website Solution


11 Key Benefits of Using a Healthcare LMS to Take Your Learning Online

  • Allows your team to train at a convenient time and location

  • Delivers a consistent learning experience to all of your employees

  • Deploys important information to a diverse team regardless of location or schedule

  • Maintains HIPAA and OSHA compliance

  • Conveniently provides continuing education

  • Easier management and tracking of certifications

  • Offers at-a-glance analytics of team compliance and engagement

  • Allows you to provide a better standard of care

  • Improves communication and feedback

  • Better onboarding and retention

  • Allows you to help employees move up in your organization

Your Guide to Choosing the BEST Healthcare LMS

According to a recent survey by Lambda, 40% of hospitals don’t have a learning management system (LMS). That number is particularly astonishing given that the world’s medical knowledge doubles every 73 days (according to a PubMed prediction in 2011), if not faster as a result of pandemic-related research.

It’s no longer reasonable or effective to assemble your team every week, month, or quarter to download that information into their brains. Granted, not every piece of new information is relevant to every staff member. However, there must be a way to streamline your plans for adopting updated standards of care based on the new information that’s becoming available.

Enter eLearning for Healthcare.

A healthcare LMS empowers you to deliver any training online so that your team can stay on top of updated guidelines and new technologies and gain access to new information. Best of all, it’s cost-effective and efficient.



How to Choose the Right LMS

You may already be planning to move your training to an LMS. Or maybe you’re already using an existing platform, and are ready to move to a new option.

It’s essential that you choose the right LMS. Some questions to consider include:

  • What are our main training goals?
  • What kind of support do we need creating and managing trainings?
  • How often do we need to update our content?
  • Who will manage updates?
  • What applications do we need to integrate with?
  • What kinds of features and tools do we need to maximize our efforts?
  • What type of tracking and analytics do we want?

While many people choose an all-in-one solution because they prefer a single subscription, these solutions typically come at a high cost and have rigid requirements for structure. Additionally, due to the highly proprietary nature of these systems, it’s difficult to move your content to a new platform.

Conversely, a WordPress-based solution is flexible so you can create the structure you want rather than shoehorning your content into someone else’s structure. Better yet, it is more cost-effective. If you ever need to move to a new platform, it’s much easier to do so.

Using WP-Tonic Turns Managing Your LMS Into a Light Lift

WP-Tonic harnesses the power and flexibility of WordPress to make managing your trainings a breeze. With 24/7 support available, we’re here with a helping hand whenever you need one. In addition to helping you upload content, we can help you create and produce learning materials so that you can focus on caring for patients.

Because we manage your site and LMS hosting, we also ensure that you have access to the latest releases for your integrations. In addition to focusing on delivering optimal performance, the WP-Tonic system scales with your needs and integrates with your technologies.

Your system. Your requirements. Early in our relationship, we identify the reporting and analytics you need to track engagement and certifications. And, if your requirements change, we can update the data we report on at any time so you can get real-time insights.

Best of all, competitive pricing allows you to maximize your investment in training your team.

WP-Tonic Delivers:

Pro Management

Scalable Training + Onboarding Coursework

You maintain total ownership of your training intellectual property and can create dynamic training modules that suit your needs.

Pro Management

Secure, Flexible, Affordable

With a low cost of ownership, WP-Tonic gives you a secure solution that gives you the freedom to adjust, scale, or move platforms.

Pro Management

HIPAA Compliant

WP-Tonic partners with HIPAA Vault to ensure your site is up-to-date with all HIPAA requirements and regulations.

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