Heather WildeIn this week’s episode of the WP-Tonic podcast, we have a great guest  Heather Wilde of Roceteer discuss using WordPress as a powerful startup framework not only if you looking at building the next great WordPress plugin or theme but, also using WordPress as a traditional SaaS platform.

Using the word traditional is funny if you consider that this whole industry of software as a service model is at most seven years old.

However, compared to using other technologies like Ruby on Rails or Java, WordPress can save you a load of development time and money.

Heather’s WordPress TV presentation:

WP-Tonic Extra

Heather’s Bio I have had a wide array of professional experience as well, including programming microcontrollers for the Navy, working on NASA projects, designing and managing online games for major developers, running HR departments for companies large and small, and establishing multilingual distribution teams for Billion-dollar “Unicorn” Companies, among other ventures. Read More



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