Tools and Tips For Podcasting With WordPress

Our WP-Tonic round table show this week revolves around our main topic, “Tools and Tips For Podcasting With WordPress.”

Part of our discussion on podcasting with WordPress: what you need to know to get started, what podcasting tools are to help you, and tips from our panel members on how to launch a new podcast.

We went over what podcasting equipment you’ll need, the best podcasting microphone to get started with, useful podcasting software and storage services, and the best podcasting themes and plugins for WordPress.

This Weeks Round-Table Expert WordPress Panel

Sallie Goetsch: from WP Fangirl

Jackie D’Elia: from Jackie D’Elia Design

John Locke: from Lockedown SEO

Jonathan Denwood: from

Brian Jackson: from Woorkup

This Week’s Round-Table WordPress Discussion Stories

1 – Goodbye WordPress

Editors Note: James Dalman wanted us to mention he is starting a new venture, Freelance Camp, which is a new kind of Freelancing Community. We look forward to seeing people sign up for this.

2 – GoDaddy Gets WordPress Theme Approved On In Same Day?

3 – The Days of Creating Child Themes for Simple CSS Changes May Soon Be Over

Main Discussion Topic

Tools and Tips For Podcasting With WordPress

1 – Why Are You Going Down This Road?

2 – Podcasting Equipment /Editing Software


Software for Recording Your Podcast

A – YouTube Live (formally Google Hangouts on Air) Free

B – Skype /Call Recorder Free/ mac only $29.99

C – Free (45 minutes of recording time)

Podcast Editing Tools

A – Audacity: Free

B – Adobe Audition $19.99 per month

Live Video Software

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), Free for PC or Mac


Livestream Go Live, Free for PC or Mac


vMix $60, for PC only


Telestream Wirecast $495, for PC or Mac


3 – WordPress Theme & Plugin Choices


A – Libsyn Podcast Plugin

B – Blubrry PowerPress

C – Seriously Simple Podcasting

D – Smart Podcast Player


A – ThemeForest podcasting themes

B – Appendipity Themes

C – Podcaster theme by Themestation

4 – Weekly Mechanics of Running a podcast (how much time is going to take?)

A – Recording 30 minutes to 1 hour

B – Emails/ calls 1 to 2 hours

C – Audio editing 1 to 2 hours

D – Website 1 to 2 hours

E – Promotion 2 to 4 hours per week

Weekly total roughly 5 to 10 hours per week!

5 – General Tips & Tricks

A – Get a co-host that’s clearly committed to the show objectives.

B – Sound quality, the last 10 to 20% takes a lot more investment in equipment and editing time.

C – It will probably take 12 to 18 months to build an audience for the show.

D – Try and get an industry sponsor as quickly as possible.

E – Try outsourcing the audio editing as soon as possible.

F – Remember video is becoming an important part of podcasting.

G – Live video broadcasting is also becoming important.

Full Transcript of Episode 134

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