We have a special guest on this weeks show David Cohen (who some people label as a notorious troll) has been one of the leading online voices who has broken a recent semi-disturbing story connected Joost De Valk and YoastCom, connected to what he sees at the “objectifying of women” in the SEO industry and particularly by Joost De Valk. Also, David has some harsh words for Rand Fishkin who he sees as being a total hypocrite when it comes to this particular subject.

I understand David position connected to what he sees as the “objectifying of women” in the SEO industry, and I do personally feel that his online outrage is honestly felt.

However, I also do honestly feel that there’s a lot of different elements here which have been all mixed up here into a kind of “online witches brew.”

Being that this podcast (WP-Tonic’s Friday round-table show) is generally about WordPress, and its community, because this and what I see as the big question is Joost De Valk a suitable individual to be head of marketing and the new public face of WordPress?

See publishing a number twitters of a very personal kind (on a public social media channel) and then deleting from 3,000 to 10,000 twitter posts plus being involved in the filming with “play-mates.” who are engaged in questionable activities and then this video is then used to promote SEOktoberfest 2011 is semi worrying to a lot of people in the WordPress community.

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