#419 WP-Tonic Round Table Show August 9th, 2019 at 8:30am PST

Unfortunately, many of the leading independent voices the WordPress community from Morten Rand-Hendriksen to Matt Medeiros have voiced strong concerns connected to Jetpack and how they feel Automattic is using this plugin as a form of Trojan Horse. I personally thought this view was fundamentally wrong. However, I now feel that I might have been just a bit i naive!

If Morten and Matt are right we will see over the next 18 month the semi destruction of the WordPress community on the altar of VC key requirement that WordPress must be turned into a money making machine and the tools that are going to be used in this key objective are Gutenberg blocks and Jetpack.

#1 – Auto-Update Old Versions to 4.7


#2 – After 5 years and $3M, here’s everything we’ve learned from building Ghost


#3 – Jetpack 7.6 Improves AMP Compatibility, Adds Preview and Upgrade Nudge for Blocks Only Available on Paid Plans


#4 – Adblocking: How About Nah?


#5 – Google puts playable podcast episodes in Search


#6 – WordCamp Long Beach to Debut a “Future of WordPress” Track



This Weeks Panels Recommendations

Jonathan Denwood’s Film “Dominion” The truth about industrial farming and why it’s slowly killing you and your children! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQRAfJyEsko

Chris Badgett: Symphonized Earbuds https://symphonized.com/

Adrian Tobey: https://wordpress.org/plugins/query-monitor/

Sallie Goetsch: https://wordpress.org/plugins/shortcodes-finder/

Spencer Forman: Toggle All Admi: https://github.com/tommcfarlin/toggle-admin-notices


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