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#1 – WordPress Proposal To Align Release Cycle With Industry Standard

WordPress Proposal To Align Release Cycle With Industry Standard

#2 – Stupid


#3 – Competition and positioning for WordPress products in 2021 and beyond


#4 – The biggest story in tech no one’s talking about is Uber discovering they’d been defrauded out of $100M – or 2/3 of their ad spend.


#5 – Damn. Gutenberg Smokes Elementor

Damn. Gutenberg Smokes Elementor

#6 – Sandhills Development 2020 Year in Review

2020 Year in Review

This Weeks Panelist’s Recommendations

John Locke:: My recommendation: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/digital-disinformation-fight-manipulation-seo-industry/380344

Sallie Goetsch: My recommendation: https://www.wordfest.live/

Spencer Forman: https://slab.com/01:25:40 

Vito Peleg:  https://waahi.io/


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John Locke LockedownSEO.com
Sallie Goetsch wpfangirl.com
Chris Badgett lifterlms.com
Spencer Forman wplaunchify.com
Matt Medeiros MattReport.com
Jonathan Denwood wp-tonic.com
Vito Peleg WP Feedback
Steven Sauder ZipFish
Heather Renze Heather Wilde

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