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#1 – Bluehost Misuses WordPress Trademark, Reigniting Controversy Over Recommended Hosts Page

Bluehost Misuses WordPress Trademark, Reigniting Controversy Over Recommended Hosts Page

#2 – Net neutrality law to take effect in California after judge deals blow to the telecom industry


#3 – WordPress 5.7 Lets Administrators Send Password Reset Links

WordPress 5.7 Lets Administrators Send Password Reset Links

#4 – When the Grid Goes Down, Can a Fleet of Batteries Replace It?


#5 – LinkedIn’s Alternate Universe


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Sallie Goetsch: Recommendation: https://wpengine.com/blog/announcing-speak-up-black-speakers-in-wordpress-workshop/
Chris Badgett: Predictable Revenue: https://predictablerevenue.com/
Jonathan’s:  Podcast Rob Walling “Startup For The Rest of Us” Episode 537 ” On Launching, Funding, and Growth with Serial SaaS Founder Rand Fishkin” https://www.startupsfortherestofus.com/episodes/episode-537-on-launching-funding-and-growth-with-serial-saas-founder-rand-fishkin

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