Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy Review (2023)

April 24, 2023

As an aspiring online course creator, you might seek programs to help you create and sell your first course. Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy (DCA) is one of the most popular online courses that teach you how to create your own online system.

It’s a well-designed online program that helps first-time course creators go from course conception to a full-fledged course that can help you generate recurring revenue.

This article will look closely at Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy. We’ll present a breakdown of what’s included in the course and its standout features. Finally, we’ll help you decide if it’s right for you.

Let’s get started.

Overview of Digital Course Academy (DCA)

Digital Course Academy is an online program that’s designed to help you turn your knowledge into an online course.

The course creator, Amy Porterfield, is a marketing expert with over a decade of experience in the online course space. She’s created and sold 8 online courses, generating over $30 million in revenue.

The Digital Course Academy program covers everything you need to know about creating and selling online courses. It takes you step-by-step through creating an online course, from developing an idea for your course to selling digital courses.

Here’s a high-level overview of what’s included in the course:

What’s Included With the Course

As mentioned above, Digital Course Academy consists of 7 modules with lessons, a step-by-step course plan, marketing tips and strategies, and much more. In addition to this, the course also includes implementation weeks that give course creators time to implement what they’ve learned i.e. start building their online course.

7 Implementation Modules

You can think of the seven implementation modules as chapters that contain different lessons. The Digital Course Academy modules start with an introductory chapter defining the roadmap and providing orientation.

Once that’s done, you can jump into the implementation modules:

Module 1: The 9 Key Decisions

The first module walks you through the 9 key decisions to help you start your online course creation journey. You can download a worksheet that provides a framework that you can use to plan out the steps you’ll follow to create your course.

The different decisions you have to make at this stage include choosing your course topic, defining your target audience, and selecting a course type. Once that’s done, you’ll come up with a suitable name for your course, set pricing, and select y

Module 2: Validating Your Course

This step is all about validating your course topic. Amy provides tried and tested frameworks that members can use to define their course offering and ideal target customer. At this stage, you can essentially start pre-selling your online course.

Module 3: The Art of Outlining & Recording Your Course

This is the module where the course creation process really takes off. Amy provides guidelines on how to put together a structured outline for your course. She teaches Digital Course Academy members how to turn their skills and expertise into actionable advice that their learners can follow.

Module 4: The Digital Course Sales Blueprint

The fourth module focuses on building a sales page that encourages prospective customers to buy your online course and answer any questions they may have. Amy walks you through the process of defining your course package, bonuses, and extra support opportunities.

Module 5: The Profitable Webinar Framework

This is the module where you’ll transition into the next phase: launching your online course. Amy’s approach is to help members launch their online courses through webinars. She shares a blueprint you can follow to create a profitable webinar for your target audience.

Module 6: Crafting Your Email Sequences

In this module, Amy teaches members how to craft all email sequences they’ll need for launching their online course. This includes invites and pre-webinar emails. Amy teaches you how to craft compelling emails to maximize registrations and webinar attendance rates.

Module 7: Recording Your Course

In the final module, Amy covers everything course creators need to know about recording, delivering, and teaching course content to learners. She distills years of personal experience as an online course instructor to help Digital Course Academy members implement the recording strategy that will work best for them.

Amy covers everything from the tools you’ll need to start recording to helpful tips for recording your course content. She also provides resources (like templates) that you can use to create training decks.

Course Bonuses

Digital Course Academy also offers course bonuses that help creators generate momentum through course launches. These include:

  1. Core Bonus #1: 9 Weeks of Live Q&A with Amy & Team Inside the Digital Course Academy Community for Members Only
  2. Core Bonus #2: How to Turn Your Live Launch into a Profit-Generating Evergreen Funnel
  3. Core Bonus #3: Start from Scratch Module: How to Kickstart Your Email List to Grow Your Online Business
  4. Pay in full Bonus: How to Use Paid Ads to Fill Up Your Webinars

Facebook Group

Access to an engaging online community is incredibly important if you’re considering creating and selling an online course. One of the bonuses you get with Digital Course Academy is access to the program’s private Facebook Group.

Members can engage with the program creator, Amy Porterfield, in Q&A sessions every week for 9 weeks. In addition, it’s a great way to connect with other like-minded individuals going through the same program.

Tech Library

As an online course creator, you can expect to deal with the technical side of things occasionally. If you’re not particularly tech-savvy, having useful resources is incredibly helpful.

This is where Digital Course Academy’s Tech Library comes in.

The Tech Library includes tutorials and resources for just about any technical task you might encounter when building your online course. Here are some examples of what you can expect to find in the Tech Library:

  • Uploading PDFs to Amazon S3 and WordPress.
  • Organizing course assets and documents.
  • How to use screencasting software (Camtasia) on PC and Mac.
  • Email marketing tutorials.
  • How to use Kajabi to build your online course.


Digital Course Academy’s Resources section is an organized list of all the tools you might potentially need to create and launch your first online course. Amy Porterfield lists websites she recommends for design tools, screen recording software, stock photos, etc.

In addition to this, you can also find links to even more resources and training material that focus on specific areas.

The Q&A Vault

Digital Course Academy’s Q&A Vault is a repository of frequently asked questions regarding course material and bonus sections. It also covers basics like membership sites and advanced topics like what you should do after creating your first online course.

The Q&A Vault is organized into different sections (based on course modules) to help you find answers quickly. So, for instance, if you have any questions about planning your digital course launch, you can navigate to the frequently asked questions for that topic.

The great thing about the Q&A Vault is that you can see other people’s questions.

Who Is It Right For?

Who Is It Right For?

Digital Course Academy is one of the most popular programs teaching people how to create and sell online courses. However, like any other program, it may or may not be right for you.

Digital Course Academy is a great fit for anyone who has built an audience through social media or blogs. If you already have an engaged audience, you can follow the program to develop your online course and generate passive income.

It’s also a great fit for business owners that offer one-on-one coaching sessions. Online coaches and teachers can use the Digital Course Academy program to turn their expertise into an online course that they can sell.

Digital Course Academy is also a logical next step for instructors already teaching offline but who wants to create a digital product. The program explains step-by-step how to build an online course and offers plenty of resources to help you get started with a step in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Amy Porterfield and what is Digital Course Academy Review?

A: Amy Porterfield is an online marketing expert who developed Digital Course Academy Review to help entrepreneurs create and launch successful online courses. The review is an in-depth analysis of her course, Digital Course Academy, to help potential students determine if it’s the right fit for them.

Q: How does Digital Course Academy help me create a profitable digital course?

A: Digital Course Academy provides a step-by-step process to turn your expertise into a profitable digital course. The course covers everything from idea generation to course creation to marketing your course for maximum impact.

Q: What is included in Digital Course Academy?

A: Digital Course Academy includes all the modules you need for creating and launching a successful course. It also includes live Q&A sessions with Amy and her team to help you go through the entire course creation process.

Q: Is Digital Course Academy worth the investment?

A: Many students have found Digital Course Academy to be a worthwhile investment, as the course has helped them create profitable courses and scale their online businesses. However, it’s essential to determine if the course is the right fit for your needs and goals before investing.

Q: What bonuses do I get with Digital Course Academy?

A: Digital Course Academy offers a range of bonuses, including a private Facebook group, access to live events, and templates and tools to help you create and market your course effectively.

Q: Can I create a course without any prior experience with digital marketing?

A: Yes, Digital Course Academy is designed to help beginners create successful courses. The course covers everything from creating a course idea to marketing and scaling, making it accessible to anyone, regardless of their prior experience.

Q: Will Digital Course Academy teach me how to launch my course?

A: Yes, Digital Course Academy covers everything you need to know to launch your course successfully. From building pre-launch buzz to creating a successful launch plan, the course will teach you how to get your course out into the world and achieve maximum impact.

Q: What is Amy’s experience with digital courses?

A: Amy Porterfield has been creating successful digital courses for years, and her expertise in this field is one of the reasons why Digital Course Academy is so highly regarded. She has years of experience helping entrepreneurs turn their skills and knowledge into profitable courses that support their online businesses.

Q: What does the entire course creation process look like with Digital Course Academy?

A: The entire course creation process with Digital Course Academy involves idea generation, course planning and creation, marketing, and scaling. The course covers all these areas in detail, providing you with everything you need to create a successful course from start to finish.

Q: Would you recommend Digital Course Academy?

A: I would recommend Digital Course Academy to anyone looking to create a profitable online course. The course covers everything you need to know, and Amy’s expertise and support throughout the process are incredibly valuable.


Digital Course Academy is truly one of the best training programs for anyone wanting to learn how to build their online course and start selling.

In addition to a step-by-step course launch plan, Amy Porterfield provides helpful marketing tips, strategies, and downloadables to help you create your course and start selling profitable online courses.

If you’re considering creating your first online course, the Digital Course Academy is perfect. It’ll walk you through a tried and tested process of creating and selling your online courses and give you access to a helpful online community.

Do you have any questions about Digital Course Academy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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